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We will be adding documents to this section as they change. We are attempting to distil the discussion into what appears to be the agreed course of action, after the to-and-fro of lively debate. :-}



These are the newly reformatted rules ratified in 2008 by the SFFANZ members at the 2008 AGM and subsequently modified following discussion on LiveJournal.


These are the newly reformatted rules ratified in 2008 by the SFFANZ members at the 2008 AGM.


These are the original rules that were used from 2001 to 2007.


NationalBody-v8-1.rtf - RTF Version
NationalBody-v8-1.htm - HTML Version

Version 8.1 of the discussion document. Minor changes to version 8. Many of these changes had been suggested previously, but I hadn't incorporated them at the time... :-(


NationalBody-v8.rtf - RTF Version
NationalBody-v8.htm - HTML Version

Version 8 of the discussion document. I have added the Fan Awards section. Please comment on this in case I've missed anything out. Note: The voting method stated at the moment is the Preferential Voting method as used by the Hugos and the Ditmars. If people wish, we can vote on the voting method used... :-|

This document is now almost finished. PLEASE read it now and make your comments about ANYTHING. Is there something I've missed out? Something which still needs discussion? NOW is the time to comment. This discussion document will be used as the basis for the constitution.


NationalBody-v7.rtf - RTF Version
NationalBody-v7.htm - HTML Version

Version 7 of the discussion document. Much the same as version 6, but with added appendices detailing various sections. The appendices are new. Please read them carefully and comment.


NationalBody-v6.rtf - RTF Version
NationalBody-v6.htm - HTML Version

Version 6 of the discussion document. This document contains the discussions to this point in time (I believe.) Please comment on anything I have left out. As far as I know, the Executive section may need a little more work to confirm how the positions are elected, and how long they can serve. The exact format of the awards is currently under discussion.


Discussion Summary Week up to 19/8/01  - RTF Version
Discussion Summary Week up to 19/8/01  - HTML Version


 Latest Membership Options Document - HTML Version. 


Social Group Minutes - HTML Version. This was a social get together. We also discussed the membership options. This was a meeting to clarify issues, not to make decisions there since much of the discussion group wasn't there.


NationalBody-v5.rtf - RTF Version
NationalBody-v5.htm - HTML Version

Version 5 of the discussion document. I have shortened the membership section since that's still under discussion. We will be adding to it. I have extended the section on board members. (Section 5). Comments please on the Executive Section...


Discussion Summary Week up to 15/7/01  - RTF Version
Discussion Summary Week up to 15/7/01  - HTML Version


Discussion Summary Week up to 8/7/01  - RTF Version
Discussion Summary Week up to 8/7/01  - HTML Version


 Natorg Questions for Voting (1)  - This page contains a number of questions to vote on. You can vote on the web page, or send an email. Instructions are on the page.


 Membership Options Document - HTML Version. This is an initial version for your comment. I have lumped the options that involve periods outside the natcons/AGMs together since they will be similar in execution. This document is so that we can make sure we have all the various options together in one place so they can be compared. Please comment if an option has been missed, or these can be expanded or corrected.


Discussion Summary Week up to 1/7/01  - RTF Version
Discussion Summary Week up to 1/7/01  - HTML Version


NationalBody-v4-2.rtf - Version 4.2 of the discussion document. I have removed the comments about the membership period. When it needs to change, we can do it then. We should come up with a credible alternative for when it's needed, but that can wait.

And by request, here is an HTML version of NationalBody-v4-2


NationalBody-v4-1.rtf - Version 4.1 of the discussion document. The relevant clause is clause 6. A few changes made to it, including options to opt-out of natorg membership at a natcon. There is still the issue of membership lapsing.

And by request, here is an HTML version of NationalBody-v4-1

DiscussionSummary Week up to 27th June - RTF Version
DiscussionSummary Week up to 27th June - HTML Version

A summary of the discussions in this week. Any corrections, please let us know if you think it's necessary.


NationalBody-v4.rtf - The Great Membership Debate! The relevant clause is clause 6. I have written out what I believe are the do-able membership possibilities, based on the arguments put forward by the members of this list. It's come out a bit complicated, especially as far as membership lapsing is concerned. 

I have also included a few possibilities at the bottom of point 6 to do with possible, tangible, benefits. There are potential issues with this that need thinking about. At the moment, tangible benefits are pie in the sky, but I believe that we have a much better chance of getting them if we can say to the companies involved, that we have a base of the clubs in New Zealand... As usual, comments please.

And by request, here is an HTML version of NationalBody-v4


NationalBody-v3-1.rtf - Minor changes to Version 3. The only added text is in clause 2 c (iii). 

DiscussionSummary Week of 11-17th June - A summary of the discussions in this week. Any corrections, please let us know if you think it's necessary.


NationalBody-v3.rtf - The latest version. This should cover the duties of the organisation fairly comprehensively. Note that it has been severely re-organised and modified. I suggest you read it through again.

The sections we are particularly concerned with at this point are 2 and 3a.

I hope I've captured the discussion we've been having. Please let me know if I've missed anything out.

Also, some phrasing may be a little clumsy. Any help with that would be welcome.


NationalBody-v2.rtf - This is a modified and extended proposal, based on the discussions in the last month. It is NOT exhaustive, and it does not cover all the possible details for how to achieve the goals stated. At this stage, I would like us to come to an agreement on the content of this document. I suspect that the actual format and set-up of the national awards should be debated separately.

The idea is to agree on the goals, and from there, write the constitution. Simon has provided us with a basis for the constitution that we can change as necessary.

Speaking of constitutions.... I suggest that we DO put in general detail so that in the future, we don't have to go through a massive rigmarole to get the constitution changed.

"General detail???" I hear you ask... "Is that not an oxymoron?" Well, yes. But, take the issue of memberships for instance. If we specify all the possible memberships, even if we don't implement some for a little while, we won't have to get the constitution amended when we do want to allow the different types of members. I'm suggesting this because, as I understand it, to change a constitution requires an AGM, which can only occur once a year. Of course, in this age of electronic communication, maybe we can implement a voting system that works quickly and easily... Ah well. Blurbling on again.

Please comment as you wish.


NationalBody.rtf - Initial proposal for a national SF and Fantasy organisation. This document contains basic aims and duties for the national organisation. Your comments are needed.

nationalConstitution.rtf - A draft constitution for the National Organisation.


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