Meeting of Natorg discussion group on July 28 at 49 Turville Crescent Newlands, at 3.30pm.


Present: Norman Cates, June Young, Peter Friend, Barry Norris, Celia van Vliet, Simon Litten, Steven Rose, Lesley Walker, Lynelle Howell, Jenny Hammond and John Howell.


While a formal meeting was not held, and this was more of a social event, some issues were discussed.


Initially, membership in the natorg will probably not carry tangible benefits to members. Members will need to be made aware of the benefits to conventions and fans that the Natorg will bring.


We decided that the benefits of the NatOrg were


Suggested roll out for memberships for the NatOrg membership:

At Con With the Wind there is free optional membership with donations plus plans for future conventions and their roll-outs.

By Emoticon (2003) voluntary membership and set donation based on what NatOrg expenses will be.

From Emoticon onwards we will ask people beforehand if its ok to join automatically when joining a natcon, cost being part of the natcon fee. This may mean a slight increase in NatCon fees.


Membership Options:

Membership will tend to be obtained by paying a fee to the NatOrg via the natcon, provision will be made for people to join individually if they wish.

Membership year could be set from February to February (or anywhere) so people pay a year membership for that period, but if people pay in the middle there could be a problem.

It was suggested that people pay at the Natcon (in their first year of membership) and get an additional period free (the gap between the NatCon and the set membership period whether that be Feb-Feb or whatever). From the second year they pay at the Natcon for the next Feb to Feb period and always pay in advance.