NatOrg Discussion Week 2: June 18-25


This week the discussion focused on the NationalBodyProposal and after some rewording we agreed that points 1 & 2 were generally fine, although they may need a little revision in the future.

The issue of the make-up of the board was discussed. These were:


We also talked about what happens if a bid for a NatCon chooses not to be a member of the NatOrg. There would be no financial support from the NatOrg but would they still get the NatCon title? Generally we believed that if the NatCon bid had not fulfilled the requirements of the NatOrg or didnít want to, they could not use the NatCon title but could still hold their con anyway. It was suggested that a board member be seconded onto the NatOrg Con Com to assist. We are still discussing this.


We have now moved on to the thorny issue of membership and how that can best be defined. With more than 250 posts on this subject, itís been difficult to work out at times where the discussion has been heading:-> Noone could say we werenít passionate about this point.Several issues have been raised with regard to individuals, clubs, con memberships etc. These are summarised below.

NatOrg only $10
Supporting Con $20
Full Con if NatOrg $70
Full Con + NatOrg $80


The discussion on club affiliation to the NatOrg was the hot topic of the week. While we are still debating this issue, hereís the story to date. Norman suggested that clubs be involved in the NatOrg for information sharing, and other benefits (which would come later).

Should more than two members of any one club sit on the committee at any one time? Should current Con Com members be allowed on the committee? Questions still to be answered.



Other questions came out during the week too.

  1. If NatOrg held fundraisers what is the implications of ďcharging services to members? We discussed this and thought it wouldnít be a problem to do fundraisers but we still have to get a legal eagle opinion on this.
  2. Should the NatOrg be called N.O.R.M.A.N (the National Organisation for Recruiting More Active Neofen, orP.A.U.L.S.C.O.O.N.Z. (Promotion, Awards, Universal Liaison, and Scientifiction Convention Overseeing Organisation of
    New Zealand.