NatOrg Discussion Week 3: June 25 – July 1


This week there has been an eclectic mix of topics surrounding the NatOrg. I will try my best to put them all down here and summarise any agreements reached.

·        Versions 4 and 4-1 of the NationalBodyProposal was put on the website for discussion. These points were raised..

Then we got on to the tricky topic of Membership. The main issues were how membership would be measured, the dates for membership etc. Points raised were:


Received Votes: 30
Automatic Natorg membership on joining a natcon
For: 25            

Against: 4
Maybe: 1
Automatic Membership of the natorg along with club membership:
For: 3
Against: 27

eg, 100 people register for the NatCon:
70 join the NatOrg at the same time and pay $60
10 opt out of NatOrg membership and pay $60
20 are already NatOrg members and pay $55
The NatCon is paid a total of $5900, and from that, pays
(70 x $5 = $350) to the NatOrg.

 The list of pros and cons regarding membership expiry dates will be available later this week. As with all other summaries, please let me know of any alterations or additions required.