NatOrg discussions Week 4 July 2-8


What a talkative wee lot we are. There have been a number of issues this week.

Norman began the week by discussing finances, questioning where we would get money from, what it would be used for, and the financial relationship between the Natcon and the NatOrg.


a    if one joined Odyssey con in February 2001 one's membership would run to 31 October 2001.
 b    if that another person joined Con With The Wind at OdysseyCon but had not previously joined the natorg then his/her membership would start at 1 November 2001 and run through to 31 October 2002.



Other issues: to be discussed again when the topic comes up.

As always, please let me know if I have left out something important.


Yours, in ever decreasing circles,