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Sir Julius Vogel Award Results - 2016

The list of finalists on the ballot can be found here

The Long List of nominees is available here.

Professional Award Winners

Best Novel


Jean Gilbert

Rogue House Publishing

Best Youth Novel

Dragons Realm (You Say Which Way)

Eileen Mueller

Fairytale Factory


Best Novella / Novelette


The Ghost of Matter

Octavia Cade

in Shortcuts – Track 1, Paper Road Press

Best Short Story

“The Thief's Tale”

Lee Murray

Volume 1 of The Refuge Collection, Steve Dillon (ed.)

Best Collected Work

Write Off Line 2015: The Earth We Knew

Jean Gilbert (ed)/Chad Dick (ed)

Rogue House Publishing

Best Professional Artwork

Cover for Shortcuts – Track 1

Casey Bailey

Best Professional Production/Publication

White Cloud Worlds Anthology 3

Paul Tobin (ed), published by Weta Workshop

Fan Award Winners

Best Fan Production/ Publication


John & Lynelle Howell

Best Fan Writing


John Toon

Available in Phoenixine

Best Fan Artist

Keith Smith

Special Award Winners

Best New Talent

Jean Gilbert

Jean has been professionally writing for the last four years. Jean’s talents cross a multitude of writing medias, from short stories, to novels, to promotional and television scripts. Jean’s dedication and drive make her a strong force in the writing community, lending her time and energy to help inspire and motivate others in the genres of writing that she loves.

Jean is actively involved in mentoring our up and coming young writers through specifically designed writing competitions for students of New Zealand. (Write Off Line, Beyond…) Through the competitions, one-on-one practical advice is passed on to this next generation in hopes of creating New Zealand’s future great writers.

Jean first cut her teeth in the publishing industry with her short story “Blonde Obsession,” published in Baby Teeth (2013), and soon after went onto release her first science fiction novel.

Jean’s novels in the nomination period include:

Shifters ( Rogue House Publishing, 2014)

Ardus (Rogue House Publishing, 2015)

Jean’s short stories include:

“Blonde Obsession” Baby Teeth – Bite-Sized Tales of Terror, (Paper Road Press, 2013)

“Pride” Contact Light (Silence in the Library, 2015)

Jean is co-editor, along with Chad Dick for the anthology: Write Off Line 2015: The Earth We Knew.

With so many skills under her belt, and many more projects in the works, Jean is a great candidate for this year’s Best New Talent.

Services To Science Fiction, Fantasy And Horror


Marie Hodgkinson

While a student at the University of Otago Marie set up Semaphore Publications and for three years produced a quarterly magazine of genre short fiction and an annual year's best compilation. These magazines were an interesting and exciting source of previously unknown genre authors living within New Zealand, some of which are now well established in the local consciousness.

Since graduating, Marie has established Paper Road Press and continued to publish and promote NZ speculative fiction. In its turn Paper Road Press has promoted new, unknown authorial talent with collections of shorter length fiction as well as novels.

Through these publishing efforts Marie has expanded the breadth and depth of New Zealand's science fiction and fantasy landscape and for that that Marie should be honoured.

Services To Fandom

Glenn Young

Glenn has been responsible for supplying the AV and sound systems for a number of national science fiction and fantasy conventions. He has repeatedly set up the AV system for us, giving many hours of his own time and resources. He has done an excellent job of running the system, dealing with the foibles of different speakers’ requirements, and with the needs of people running special events such as opening ceremonies, cosplay contests and filking. In doing so he has not only shared his skill in this area with all of us, but he has also saved successive convention committees, and therefore New Zealand fandom as a whole, a great deal of money. We're grateful!


The Sir Julius Vogel Awards recognise excellence in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror by New Zealanders.

The Sir Julius Vogel Awards are given for work by fans and professionals that was undertaken, completed or released in the year previous to voting. This year the works being voted on were from 2015. They are voted on by New Zealand fans and are presented at the National Science Fiction convention each year.

The Sir Julius Vogel Awards are administered by SFFANZ, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand Inc.

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designed to bring together fans of the fantastic in New Zealand

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