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This is the long list of all the eligible nominated works for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards of 2016.


Professional Categories


Ardus by Jean Gilbert,  self-published
Mariah's Dream Grace Bridges, Splashdown Books
Currents of Change by Darien Smith, Wooden Tiger Press
Vestiges of Flames by Lyn McConchie, Lethe Press USA
Sun Touched by JC Hart, Etherhart Press
Shards of Ice by Catherine Mede, Flying Kiwi Press
Children of Arkadia by M. Darusha Wehm, Bundoran Press
Tower of Thorns by Juliet Marillier, ROC
Resistance: Hathe Book One by Mary Brock Jones, self-published
The Diamond Conspiracy by Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris, ACE
The Blood Curse by Emily Gee, Solaris
The August Birds by Octavia Cade, self-published
Stalker's luck by Chris Strange, Cheeky Minion
Pay the Piper: Hathe Book two by Mary Brock Jones
Vampire Double Feature by Lila Richards, Bluewood Publishing
Time and Fate by TG Ayer, Infinite Ink Books
The Tarot Mysteries by Lila Richards, Bluewood Publishing
Shards of Hope by Nalini Singh, Gollancz
Pisces of Fate by Paul Mannering, Paper Road Press
Dead Silence by T. G. Ayer, Infinite Ink Books
Come Hell or High Water by Sharon Hannaford, self-published
Auckland Allies by Mike Reeves-McMillan, self-published
Ascendant's Rite by David Hair, Jo Fletcher Books
The Chimes by Anna Smaill, Hachette

Youth Novel

Brave's Journey by Jan Goldie, IFWG Publishing Australia
Dragons Realm by Eileen Mueller, Fairytale Factory
The Caretaker of Imagination by Z.R. Southcombe
Lucy's Story: The End of the World by Z.R. Southcombe
Deadline Delivery by Peter Friend, Fairytale Factory
Rafen by Y K Willemse,  Permuted Press
Dinosaur Canyon by Blair Polly, Fairytale Factory
Miss Lionheart and the Laboratory of Death by A. J. Ponder, Phantom Feather Press
Neal William's Adventure by Robyn P. Murray, self-published
The Sianian Wolf by Y K Willemse, Permuted Press
Servant of the King by Y K Willemse, Permuted Press
How I alienated my Grandma by Suzanne Main, Scholastic New Zealand
Havoc by Jane Higgins, The Text
The Fourth Runi by Y K Willemse, Permuted Press
The Amber Fountain by Joseph Edward Ryan, Steam Press


Pocket Wife by IK Paterson-Harkness,  in Shortcuts: Track 1
The Way the Sky Curves by JC Hart, Etherhart Press
The Molenstraat Music Festival by Sean Monoghan in Asimov's Science Fiction, September 2015
The Last by Grant Stone, in Shortcuts: Track 1
The Ghost of Matter by Octavia Cade, in Shortcuts: Track 1
Burn (Maiden, Mother, Crone, bk 1) by  JC Hart, Etherhart Press
Bree's Dinosaur by A. C. Buchanan in Shortcuts: Track 1
Oil and Bone by Dan Rabarts in Insert Title Here
The Deepwater Bride by Tamsyn Muir in Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Invisible City by A. C. Buchanan, self-published
Liquid City by A. C. Buchanan. Self-published
Landfall by Tim Jones in Shortcuts: Track 1

Collected Work

Shifting Worlds: a collection of short stories by Darian Smith, Wooden Tiger Press
Shortcuts: Track 1, by Marie Hodgkinson (ed), Paper Road Press
The Survivors by  V. L. Dreyer
The Earth We Knew: A Collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy, Jean Gilbert (ed) Tauranga Writers
SpecFic NZ Shorts, produced by SpecFicNZ
Beyond the Veil: A collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy by Lauren Haddock/Jessica Harvey (eds.), Tauranga Writers

 Short Story

“The Thief's Tale” by Lee Murray, featured in Vol 1, The Refuge Collection
“Pride” by Jean Gilbert, featured in Contact Light
“Floodgate” by Dan Rabarts, featured in The Mammoth Book of Steampunk
“The Shelver” by Piper Mejia, featured in SpecFicNZ Shorts
“The Harpsicord Elf” by Sean Monaghan, featured in Capricious
“Drag marks” by Darian Smith, featured in Shifting Worlds
“Union” by Tamsyn Muir, featured in Clarkesword
“The Mysterious Mr Montague” by Jane Percival,  Ticonderoga Publications
“The Day the Sky Burned” byWoelf Dietrich, Kora Press
“Stars Blink” by Woelf Dietrich, Kora Press
“A Tale of Two Moons” by Woelf Dietrich, Kora Press
“A Suitor“ by Darian Smith, featured in Shifting Worlds
“The dog with no name” by Grace Bridges, Splashdown books
“She Must” by AJ Fitzwater, featured in Capricious
“Gravity Well” by AJ Fitzwater, featured in Scigentasy
“Bone Length, Wavelength” by Octavia Cade,  Capricious Issue 2
“Whispers in the Walls” by V. L. Dreyer, self-published
“Tooth” by Bren MacDibble, featured in Dimension6
“Something Rich and Strange” by Mike Reeves-McMillan, Digital Fantasy Fiction
“Mr Schmidt's dead pet emporium” by Sally McLennan, featured in Fat Zombie, Unlikely Survivors of the Apocalypse
“Crow” by Octavia Cade,  Apex Magazine


Cover of The Earth We Knew: A Collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy by Kodi Murray
Cover of Miss Lionheart and the Laboratory of Death by Imojen Faith Hancock
Cover for Shortcuts - Track 1 by Casey Bailey
Cover for Pisces of Fate by Henry Christian-Sloane


"Ahead of her time and lost in time: on feminism, gender, and bisexuality” -- AJ Fitzwater  in Letters to Tiptree
White Cloud Worlds 3 by Paul Tobin (ed)
The Face of Oblivion LARP by Catherine Pegg

New Talent

Jean Gilbert
Y K Willemse
Octavia Cade
Eileen Mueller

Services to Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Marie Hodgkinson

Fan Categories

Fan Writing

June Young
Terri Doyle
John Toon
Jacqui Smith

Fan publication


Fan Art

Keith Smith

Services to Fandom

Glenn Young

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