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Sir Julius Vogel Award Results - 2013

The list of nominations on the ballot can be found here

Professional Award Nominees

Best Novel Queen of Iron Years
Lyn McConchie and Sharman Horwood
Kite Hill Publishing
Gay Express Reviews
Goodreads Reviews
Amazon Reviews


Best Youth Novel

The Prince of Soul and the Lighthouse
Frederik Brounéus
Steam Press
Description and Review


Best Novella / Novelette Flight 404
Simon Petrie
Peggy Bright Books
Appears in Flight 404/The Hunt for Red Leicester


Best Short Story

“Hope is the thing with feathers”
Lee Murray
Royal Society of New Zealand


Best Collected Work Mansfield with Monsters
Matt and Debbie Cowens
Steam Press


Best Professional Artwork

Les Petersen
for the Cover of Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear
Edited by Edwina Harvey and Simon Petrie
Peggy Bright Books


Best Professional Production/Publication The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: Chronicles – Art and Design
Daniel Falconer


   Best Dramatic Presentation

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Peter Jackson, Philippa Boyens, Fran Walsh, Guillermo del Toro


Fan Award Nominees

Best Fan Publication Phoenixine
John and Lynelle Howell


Best Fan Production AetherCon
The Steampunk Convention held in Wellington
Saturday October 13 2012.
Mallery Henderson


Best Fan Artwork Keith Smith
Contributions to Novazine


   Best Fan Writing John Toon
For Strange Matter and occasional essays within Phoenixine


Special Award Nominees

Best New Talent Matt and Debbie Cowens

Matt & Debbie Cowens are the co-authors of Mansfield with Monsters (Steam Press 2012) and Steam Pressed Shorts (2012). They also contributed to the collaborative horror novel The Event.

Debbie is the author of “Upon a Star” (Wily Writers), “The Truth about Dragons” (Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Issue #50), “The Delightful Maiden” (Tales for Canterbury), “Losing Nemo” (School Journal), “The Show of Wondrous Creatures” (Prinkipria), “The Death Meter” and “No Smoke without Fire” (Every Day Fiction), “A Final Glimpse of Light and Dark” (Shades of Sentience), “Beauty and the Old Maid” (Enchanted Conversation) and “The Maze” (Supernatural Fairy Tales).

Matt is the author of “Shore Leave” (Tales for Canterbury), “No Hidden Costs” (Future is a Foreign Country), “The Tunnel” (Wily Writers), “Minor Rampage”, “Fire Safety” and “Dead Weight” (Every Day Fiction), “Waste Not” (AntiSF), “Murray the Sex Machine” (Shades of Sentience) and “Solomon's Pearls” (Bluewood Publishing).

Matt has drawn cover art for Steam Pressed Shorts and the Drabblecast.

Matt has also recorded numerous podcast narrations of short stories including “Post-Flesh” and “King Rat” (Star Ship Sofa), A Foreign Country Podcast Promo Podcast, “The Spectre Bride by William Harrison Ainsworth” (Librivox) and more than 20 stories for Every Day Fiction.


I would like to nominate Debbie and Matt Cowens in the category of Best New Talent.

A list of the SF/F works they have been involved with in recent years includes:

Mansfield with Monsters (Anthology)

Steam Pressed Shorts (Anthology)

Cover art - Steam Pressed Shorts

Cover art - On Dasher

Cover art - A Little Black Death

“Shore Leave” - Short Story in Tales for Canterbury

“No Hidden Costs” - Short Story in Future is a Foreign Country

“The Tunnel” - Short Story on Wily Writers

“Minor Rampage” - Short Story on Every Day Fiction

“Fire Safety” - Short Story on Every Day Fiction

“Waste Not” - Short Story on AntiSF

“Dead Weight” - Short Story on Every Day Fiction

The Event - Collaborative Novel

“Murray the Sex Machine” - Short Story on Shades of Sentience Anthology

“Solomon's Pearls” - Short Story from Bluewood Publishing

Post-Flesh and King Rat (Star Ship Sofa) - podcast narration

Solomon's Pearls Podcast

A Foreign Country Podcast Promo Podcast

A Final Glimpse of Light and Dark written by Debbie Cowens read by Matt Cowens Podcast

The Spectre Bride by William Harrison Ainsworth (podcast)

Lots of Every Day Fiction Podcasts:

EDF043: ONE IN FOUR SHOT written by Mickey Mills

EDF044: THE INVESTIGATION written by Cat Rambo

EDF042 – Tears Of The Android written by J. R. Hume

EDF041 – Chain of Lies written by Catherine Nichols

EDF040 – Blue Collar Boys written by Aaron Polson

EDF039 – Fire Safety written by Matt Cowens

EDF038 – No Smoke Without Fire written by Debbie Cowens

EDF037 – Ophidiophobia written by Deborah Winter-Blood

EDF036 – Snowman written by Shaun Simon

EDF035 – Shakespeare In My Pocket written by David Macpherson

EDF030 – Fodder written by Paul Graham

EDF029 – Building A Sparrow written by Chad Reddent

EDF022 – Telephone Call written by James Bloomfield

EDF020 – Ripples written by Jennifer Campbell-Hicks

EDF018 – Code Mustard written by Chris Allinotte

EDF017 – DEAD WEIGHT written by Matt Cowens

EDF013 – MR. STERNE written by Michael Tracy

EDF009 – The Death Meter by Debbie Cowens

EDF048 - Better Lessons

EDF052 - The Wall

EDF051 - Anarcho Syndicalist Commune

EDF049 - Flowers, Secrets

EDF047 - The Machine

EDF050 - It's a Living

EDF045 - The Last Station

EDF046 - Letter to you after thirteen months


Services To Fandom


Annette Bergner

Annette was a full member of the Phoenix Science Fiction Society (the local Wellington science fiction and fantasy club) from 1993 until 2010.

During this time she was Club President from July 1995 to June 1997, July 1999 to June 2000 and again July 2003 to June 2004.

After her final tenure as club president she went on the become Club Secretary from July 2004 - June 2005.

In-between being club president and club secretary she was a Committee member from July 1997 to June 1999, July 2000 to June 2003 and again July 2005 to June 2006. Overall Annette was very involved in the running of the Phoenix Science Fiction Society from 1995 to 2008.

During her time as a member of the Phoenix Science Fiction Society she started the board gaming special interest group in October 1996, and was its principal convener from its inception until May 2008. Conveners run the special interest groups (SIG) of Phoenix on a routine basis and are involved in the overall organisation of the group as a part of Phoenix. Conveners also act as the main contact for the other members of this group, which Annette did very well.

The Board Gaming SIG was and is a very successful part of Phoenix. It attracted new people to the club, as many gamers are also genre fans. It always had a very good turnout, when you consider the total full membership of the Phoenix Science Fiction Society. This was in part due to Annette's efforts and her huge assortment of board games (not war games).

Annette hosted many official Phoenix functions during her time with Phoenix. This included the monthly board gaming held by Phoenix. It also included the monthly Phoenix PIG, so named because it got its start as the Port Ingestion Group. Since then, Phoenix PIG has diversify to a proper supper and social evening for club members and friends. Annette's mid-winter PIGs were always hugely successful as a full range of very good cooking got served. Annette was always a very fine hostess, whether it was board-gaming or general social events. Her social organisation for the club was greatly appreciated. Annette also organised board-gaming afternoons for the very serious board game players in the group. This allowed the hard-core members to learn new games and get introduced to other players not in the club but who may have different games worth knowing about. This enabled a sharing to occur, ensuing that the Phoenix Board SIG stayed fresh as new games got gradually introduced to all the SIG members. It does take time and practice to learn, maybe debate an interpretation of a rule, and then teach a new game to others. This was something Annette always understood and she facilitated it to make sure it occurred.

In-between her activities with the Phoenix Science Fiction Society, Annette was co-chair and prime mover of Con With The Wind, the national science fiction and fantasy convention held in Wellington over Queen's Birthday Weekend in 2002. This was a very successful convention getting something like 200 full and day attendees, and guests from Weta Workshop. One personal memory of this convention was the Lush sponsorship which Annette secured for the convention. Lush do wonderful skin care, soaps and shampoos, as well as a general assortment of toiletries. You might like to think "fans would not be interested in this sort of thing" but I do know this sponsorship resulted in at least 2 long-term regular customers for Lush. It is this creative thinking "outside the square" and hands-on willingness to put it into action that made Annette's contribution valuable and important.

Lastly, Annette created and fostered a strong sense of community within the Phoenix Science Fiction Society. This is important for any club. It is what helps retain members.


Services To Science Fiction, Fantasy And Horror


Stephen Minchin

Mr Minchin launched the small publishing house Steam Press in 2011, with the novel The Prince of Soul and the Lighthouse by Fredrik Brounéus and which has since been sold (under translation) into Germany and the Czech Republic. Since then more titles have been released to critical acclaim, including Mansfield with Monsters, which has gone on to a second edition and Tropic of Skorpeo and Mr Minchin is actively seeking further titles to publish.

The publishing house was established as there was no commercial venue within New Zealand for the release of genre fiction. The ongoing success of Steam Press illustrates the need and worth of this venture.

The Sir Julius Vogel Awards recognise excellence in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror By New Zealanders.

The Sir Julius Vogel Awards are given for work By fans and professionals that was undertaken, completed or released in the year prior to voting. This year the works being voted on are from 2012. They are voted on By New Zealand fans and are presented at the National Science Fiction convention each year.

The Sir Julius Vogel Awards are administered By SFFANZ, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand.

This year the National Science Fiction Convention was Au Contraire taking place 12th to 14th July 2013 in Wellingon..

Au Contraire can be contacted at

SFFANZ supports Science Fiction and Fantasy in New Zealand and can be contacted at or

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designed to bring together fans of the fantastic in New Zealand

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