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Sir Julius Vogel Award Results - 2009

The list of nominations on the ballot can be found here.

Professional Award Winners:

Best Novel - Adult

Dark Heart
By Russell Kirkpatrick
HarperVoyager, Harper Collins NZ

Best Novel – Young Adult

By Helen Lowe
Knopf, Random House Children's Books, USA

Best Short Story

Under Waves and Over
By Grant Stone
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #37

Best Novella/Novelette

Stroke of Enticement
By Nalini Singh
Published in: The Magical Cat (The Berkley Publishing Group, Penguin; USA)

Best Collected Work

The Invisible Road
By Elizabeth Knox
HarperVoyager, Harper Collins NZ

Professional Artwork

Emma Weakley
Cover artwork for “Newtons Sleep”
RandomStatic, Wellington, NZ

Best Dramatic Presentation – Short Form

Music video -
By Kora and Krafthaus

Krafthaus :
Director - Jeremy Mansford
Executive Producer - David Stubbs
Producer - Gina Ross
Animators - Lucas Brooking, Sam Webber, Curtis Baigent,
                   Rodney Selby, Eion McNaught
Production Manager - Amy O'Connor
Sound Designer - George Nepia

Kora :
Storyboard: Brad Kora
All Comic Artwork - both Ink and Colour: Damon & Kieran Oates

Professional Publication

Deputy Dan and The Mysterious Midnight Marauder
Written by Sally McLennan, Artwork by Joel Liochon

Best New Talent

Helen Lowe

for the following body of work in the speculative fiction genres:

Short Fiction:

The Brother King, first published September 2005 in Carve-zine (USA); re-published in The Best of Carve Magazine (March 2006, USA)

“Red Earth”, first published in Borderlands (Issue 10, 31 March 2008, Australia)

“Ithaca”, first published in JAAM 26 (November 2008, New Zealand)


The Wayfarer, first published in Takahe 62, (New Zealand) 2007

Argos, first published in Grow (Australia), 2008

The Trojan Shore and Homing, first published in JAAM 26 (New Zealand) 2008


Thornspell, first published in the USA by Knopf (Random House Children's Books) on September 9 2008; distributed in New Zealand by Random House New Zealand

Fan Award Winners:

Best Fan Production

Chasing the Bard – Podcast
Philippa Ballantine

Best Fan Writing

Alex Lindsay
For the article "Disappointment" that was published in Phoenixine Issue 225, July 2008. Phoenixine being the club 'zine of the local Wellington Phoenix SF club.

Best Publication

The Girl Who Asked for Wisdom and Other Stories
Edited by Catherine and Stephanie Pegg

Special Award Winner:

Services to Fandom

Maree Pavletich

Maree Pavletich has been actively involved in the Science Fiction community for many years, taking an active role in the smooth running of the Stella Nova Science Fiction and Fantasy Association, of which she is currently the President, having been elected in 2006 to serve in this role.

She has run three New Zealand National Science Fiction Conventions; Conscience (1989), KiwiCon (1990) & Odysseycon (2001) and was Condor's Fan Guest of Honour.  In 2004, Maree was the FFANZ Laureate for her fund-raising and as part of her duties travelled to the Australian National Science Fiction Convention that was held in Canberra, Australia (Conflux).

Maree has done almost everything in fandom at least once, such as writing, acting, filking, model making and costuming and has served on many committees promoting Science Fiction and Fantasy. She believes that fans need to step up and promote fandom.

For all the services she has performed on behalf of New Zealand fandom at the local, regional and national level, from when she first started in Fandom in 1982 to now (December 2008).

Maree's service to the community of New Zealand fans is extensive, significant and public-spirited.

She has taken part in the running and administration of the local Auckland SF club, then called the Auckland Science Fiction Modellers Club. She is still active within local Auckland SF fan circles running the Stella-Nova Club and is their current serving club president.

Of particularly note-worthy mention is her extensive participation and experience in running conventions, both at the regional and the national levels. She started on the ConCom with NorCon II in 1984. She then started running conventions with ConScience in 1989, and then KiwiCon in 1990. Maree was on the ConCom of Conquest 1 (1995) and Conquest 2 (1999). OdysseyCon in 2001 was a national convention where she was the Con Chair.

OdysseyCon was significant in that the Literary Guest of Honour, Mercedes Lackey generously donated hand-made costume jewellery as fund-raising items to New Zealand conventions, of which Maree served as the Administrator of the supply until it ran out in 2008. The costume jewellery were worthwhile items to have at a convention auction. OdysseyCon was also very enjoyable and successful. It enjoying a large turn-out of people who spent money at the Con and generally had a very good time.

Maree also helped out extensively for Contour in 2004, even though she was not on the ConCom. She booked events, gave advice, helped with transporting convention items and baked the chocolate cakes that were served to Con attendees for the "Coffee and Cake Meet and Greet" held after the Con Opening ceremony. She is currently helping out behind the scenes for Conscription 2009 but is not on the ConCom.

Maree was Fan Guest of Honour at Cond'Or, held in 2000 in Wellington.

Maree along with her husband Matthew were the FFANZ Delegates in 2004. They travelled to Conflux, the Australian Natcon held in Canberra that year. They had a slot at the next NZ convention, at iCon, where they talked about their experiences as FFANZ delegates. Their FFANZ report was well-presented and readable - clearly outlining the trip details. Maree also had to do fund-raising for FFANZ after her trip, one example being a raffle which included Mercedes Lackey costume jewellery.

Maree even ran a night-shift at a World Con once. Maree is currently organising group air travel for NZ fans to go to AussieCon4, the World Con in 2010.

Maree currently serves on the Board of SFFANZ, and has done so since 2002 when the Board of SFFANZ was first elected during Con With the Wind.

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