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Sir Julius Vogel Award Nominations- 2008

This page contains an email voting form for the Sir Julius Vogel awards. If you are not going to be at Conjunction and you wish to vote, copy and paste the form into an email and send it back to us.

Please note that you will need to send it promptly. We will need to receive your email vote before 19th March, 2008. You can also give your votes to someone who is coming to the convention and they can physically give it to us

If you are not a member of Conjunction or SFFANZ, you will need to renew your SFFANZ membership in order to vote for the the Sir Julius Vogel Awards. You can renew at Conjunction, or go here.

Sir Julius Vogel Award Nominees


For full details on the nominees and downloadable voting forms, please see

Voting will also be taking place at Conjunction.

Please see below the nominees for details on the preferential system of voting.

Write a number next to the nominees, in order of preference. 1 being a first choice, 2 a second choice and so on.


In order for your vote to be valid, we must receive it from an email address that we have on file for you, and you must be a member of Conjunction or SFFANZ.

Best Novel - Adult


[  ]  Thief with no Shadow By Emily Gee

[  ]  Ripples on the Lake By Dawn Rotarangi

[  ]  Path of Revenge By Russell Kirkpatrick

[  ]  Anarya's Secret: An Earthdawn Nove By Tim Jones

[  ]  Caressed By Ice By Nalini Singh

[  ]  Visions of Heat By Nalini Singh

[  ]  No Award



Best Novel – Young Adult


[  ]  The Children of Isador By Sam J. Charlton

[  ]  Cybele's Secret By Juliet Marillier

[  ]  The Sea-wreck Stranger By Anna Mackenzie

[  ]  Inna Furey By Isabel Waiti-Mulholland

[  ]  Josefa and the Vu By Tulia Thompson

[  ]  No Award



Best Short Story (Professional)


[  ]  “Collecting Whispers” By Bren MacDibble

[  ]  “Fendraaken” By Kevin G. Maclean

[  ]  “Head in the Clouds” By Hayley Griffin

[  ]  “Murder on the Zenith Express” By Simon Petrie

[  ]  “Mist and Murder” By Lucy Sussex

[  ]  No Award



Best Novella/Novelette


[  ]  “A Day in Her Lives” By Kevin Veale

[  ]  “Slag Fairmont – Psychic Zone Ranger” By Douglas A. Van Belle

[  ]  “Beat of Temptation” By Nalini Singh

[  ]  No Award



Best Anthology


[  ]  Sex, Lies and Here be Dragons By Yvonne Eve Walus

[  ]  Doorways for the Dispossessed By Paul Haines

[  ]  No Award



Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form)


[  ]  The Tattooist Directed by: Peter Burger

[  ]  Perfect Creature Directed by: Glenn Standring, Produced by: Tim Sanders

[  ]  Black Sheep Directed by:Jonathan King

[  ]  No Award



Best Dramatic Presentation – Short Form


[  ]  Buy Kiwi Made

[  ]  Online Car Audio

[  ]  No Award



Best New Talent


[  ]  Simon Petrie

[  ]  Hayley Griffin

[  ]  Tracie McBride

[  ]  No Award



Best Fan Production


[  ]  “Renaldo, first sheep on the moon?”

[  ]  “Destination: Earth”

[  ]  “Stargate Atlantis – the Promotional Video”

[  ]  No Award



Best Fan Writing


[  ]  Lorraine Williams

[  ]  Ross Temple

[  ]  Alan Robson

[  ]  Philippa Ballantine

[  ]  No Award





[  ]  Phoenixine Edited By John and Lynelle Howell

[  ]  Time Space Visualiser Edited By Adam McGechan

[  ]  No Award



Services to Fandom


[  ]  Simon Litten

[  ]  John and Lynelle Howell

[  ]  No Award



Services to Science Fiction


[  ]  Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Publishing Co-operative Ltd

[  ]  Carry Forward

[  ]  No Award



The information collected on this ballot paper is used for the purpose of voting verification only and will not be passed on to any other parties. All voting papers are destroyed within one calendar month of the awards being announced.  You can contact us at for more information.



How the voting for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards works


Voting is based on a preferential voting system. This is the same system used for the Hugos and the Ditmars. When voting, you rank your choices in order of preference. When vote counting takes place, it's entirely possible that votes past your first choice will be significant in determining the final vote. For full details on how vote counting takes place, look in the folders containing the nominations.


There are four possible choices in the following example.


Best Furry Fan


[ 2  ] Queenie the Alien

[ 1  ] Marvin the Sheep

[ 3  ] Jemima the Frog

[    ] No Award

In this selection, I consider Marvin the Sheep to be my first choice, then Queenie, then Jemima.


No Award


The No Award option is treated like another nominee. In the above case I can ignore it, or fill it in as my fourth option.

In the following example, I consider only two of the options to be any good, so my third choice is No Award.

Best Furry Fan


[ 2  ] Queenie the Alien

[ 1  ] Marvin the Sheep

[    ] Jemima the Frog

[ 3  ] No Award


On the other hand, I might consider that only one is worth voting for, so I place my first vote accordingly, and my second option of No Award. However, if the vote counting happens in such a way that votes come down to a third choice, I want my other votes to count, so I also place votes in order for the other two options.


Best Furry Fan


[ 3  ] Queenie the Alien

[ 1  ] Marvin the Sheep

[ 4  ] Jemima the Frog

[ 2  ] No Award


In conclusion, it is possible that any of your vote preferences may be significant when the votes are counted, so if possible, it is a good idea to fill in all the options in preferential order.


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