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Sir Julius Vogel Award Nominations - 2002

Following are the nominations for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards for 2002. The nominees are for the 2001 calendar year.

Indicates the winner for the category in 2002:

Best Novel

“First Hunter” Dale Elvy   -  Published: 2001, HarperCollins
“Changer of Days” Alma Hromic  -  Published: 2001, HarperCollins
“Counterpart” Mike Johnson  Published: 2001, HarperCollins

Best Short Story

“The Good Earth” Peter Friend
“My Friend the Volcano” Tim Jones

Dramatic Presentation - Long Form

“Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring” Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Phillipa Boyens
2001, Film - 179 mins.
“This Pointless Thing Called Life - An AudioNovel” Alan Marshall and Silvia Lozeva
2001, Audio drama - 104 mins. 

Best New Talent

Dale Elvy  
Alan Marshall and Silvia Lozeva  

Best Fan Writing

Broderick Wells Broderick Wells’ writing can be seen monthly in the pages of Phoenixine.
Alan Robson Alan’s writing can be seen in the pages of Phoenixine and Nova-Zine. Much of Alan’s work can be found on his website here.

Best Fanzine

Phoenixine Editor: Laurie Fleming
Time Space Visualiser Editor: Paul Scoones
NovaZine Editor: Struan Judd et al

Best Fan Art

Peter Adamson Peter is published largely in Time Space Visualiser.
Nick Kim Nick is published in Phoenixine, and has examples on his website here.

Services to Fandom

Norman Cates and the SFFANZ discussion group For their work in setting up SFFANZ and the Sir Julius Vogel Awards
Martin Kealey For support and administration of the web domain. This support enables many clubs and conventions to have websites for no cost.
Simon Litten Simon is one of the founding members of Phoenix. He’s been treasurer for most of the last twelve years and he is a valued fender off and knowledge repository of bureaucracy
Phoenix SF Society Phoenix has provided an invaluable service to NZ fans for many years by providing an organisation that allows fans to share their interests. While it is perforce Wellington based, it never fails to open its doors to visiting fans. Also the organisational model that Phoenix has used with such success has been adopted by Stella Nova (the other major NZ fan organisation). So Phoenix deserves nominating for the strength of its organisational ideas and for the services it has provided for bringing fans together over such a long period of time all of which have been a very positive benefit to NZ fandom.

Services to SF and F

Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Phillipa Boyens For their masterpiece work of “Lord of the Rings : Fellowship of the Ring”.
Alan Robson For continuous unstinting intelligent literary criticism
Phoenix SF Society Phoenix has New Zealand's premier SF author as its patron and positively encourages SF activity. It has close relationships with local bookshops and through formal and informal mechanisms encourages them to make as much SF as possible available "over the counter". Through its special interest groups (SIGs) it encourages its members to produce SF work (both written and visual) and by providing an umbrella and also the encouragement of the members peers, has been instrumental in giving much local science fiction to the community at large. It has, for example, produced several short story collections which would not have existed but for Phoenix. Again, this has been gradual, over a period of years, and I believe it is time that these very positive contributions to the genre be formally acknowleged.

There were also other categories nominated, but because there was only one nominee, these categories were ineligible.

Dramatic Presentation - Short Form
This Pointless Thing Called Life - Episode 4 (Audio drama 26 mins) - Alan Marshall and Silvia Lozeva
Full details about broadcast times are here.

Best Collected Work
“Extreme Weather Events”- Tim Jones
You can find out more about "Extreme Weather Events" here.

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