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SJV Nominations Long List - 2020


This is the long list of all the eligible nominated works for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards of 2020.

The nominations are for the 2019 calendar year.


Professional Categories


Sekhmet's Desire, by Nova Blake 

Naomi’s Journey, by Grace Bridges, Splashdown Books

Waterline, by Chris Else, Quentin Wilson Publishing

A Dead and Stormy Night, by Steffanie Holmes, Bacchanalia House

Shunned, by Steffanie Holmes, Bacchanalia House

The Blacksmith, by Barbara Howe, IFWG Australia

The Absolute Book, by Elizabeth Knox. Victoria University Press

The Prince of Secrets, by A.J. Lancaster, Camberion Press

The Wailing Woman, by Maria Lewis, Platkus

The Harp of Kings, by Juliet Marillier, Pan MacMillan Australia

Time of Breath, by Paul Mannering, IFWG Publishing Australia

Blindspot, by S.E. Mulholland

Solar Federation, by S.E. Mulholland

Into the Ashes, by Lee Murray, Severed Press

The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep, by H.G. Parry, Hachette

The Burning River, by Lawrence Patchett, Victoria University Press

Brothers of the Knife, by Dan Rabarts,Omnium Gatherum Media

Sons of the Curse, by Dan Rabarts, Omnium Gatherum Media

The Dawnhounds, by Sascha Stronach, Little Hook Press

Youth Novel

Exceptional, by Tihema Baker

Missing, Presumed Dead, by Emma Berquist, Greenwillow Books

Aftershocks, by Grace Bridges, Splashdown Books

Light in my Blood, by Jean Gilbert and William Dresden, Rogue House Publishing

Skin Hunter, by Tania Hutley

The Dog Runner, by Bren MacDibble, Allen & Unwin

Tyrelia, by S.R. Manssen, Manssen Publishing

Gold Embers, by Sean Monaghan, Triple V Publishing

Dragon Rift, Riders of Fire book 3, by Eileen Mueller, Phantom Feather Press

Omens, by Alicia Ponder, Phantom Feather Press

Fata Morgana, by Thomas J. Radford, Tyche Books

Awa and the Dreamrealm, by Isa Pearl Ritchie, Te Rā Aroha Press

The Dragon Defenders - Book Four: All Is Lost, by James Russell, Dragon Brothers Books

The Clockhill and the Thief, by Gareth Ward, Walker Books Australia

Ringlet and the Day the Oceans Stopped, by Felicity Williams, The Cuba Press


Planet Monday, by Grace Bridges, Splashdown Books

From a Shadow Grave, by Andi C. Buchanan, Paper Road Press

Hunger's Truth, by A.J. Fitzwater, Gigantosaurus

We All Fall, by Helen Vivinne Fletcher, HVF Publishing

1862, by C.J. Halbard, Man on Fire Press

Compact of Fire, by Melanie Harding-Shaw 

Would She Be Gone, by Melanie Harding-Shaw

Ventiforms, by Sean Monaghan, Asimov's Science Fiction (Jan/Feb 2019)

Retaking Elysium by M. Darusha Wehm, In Potentia Press

Collected Work

Into the Mire, by Casey Lucas, self-published

Year's Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction & Fantasy: volume 1, edited by Marie Hodgkinson, Paper Road Press

Beyond the City Limits: Fantasy and Science Fiction Anthology, edited by Kura Carpenter, Wicked Unicorn Press

Pūrākau, edited by Witi Ihimaera and Whiti Hereaka, Penguin

Mary Shelley Makes a Monster, by Octavia Cade, Aqueduct Press

Flash Frontier: Speculative Fiction Issue, edited by A.J. Fitzwater and Tim Jones, Flash Frontier

Dark Winds over Wellington - Chilling Tales of the Weird & the Strange, Tabatha Wood, Wild Woods Books

 Short Story

“Detached,” by Tom Adams, Breachzine

“Hero Talent Quest,” by Grace Bridges in Havok Magazine

“Henrietta and the End of the Line,” by Andi C. Buchanan, Translunar Travellers Lounge

"Inside the Body of Relatives," by Octavia Cade, Asimov’s Science Fiction

“The Feather Wall,” by Octavia Cade, Reckoning

“Our Flesh was Bred for This,” by Octavia Cade, Frozen Wavelets

“Work and Income Gothic,”by Jack Remiel Cottrell, Flash Frontier

“A Quantum of Grace,” by Mark English, Post to Print

“Sunstroke,” by Mark English, A E Sci-fi

“Hearts made marble, weapons shaped from bone,” by A.J. Fitzwater in Apparition Literature Magazine

“Power Chord,” by A.J. Fitzwater, Capricious

“With God as our Witness,” by A.J. Fitzwater, Lackington’s

“Born. Still,” by Briar Grace-Smith in Pūrākau, Penguin

“A New Cold War,” by Melanie Harding-Shaw, Daily Science Fiction

“GAC ATG ATT ACA,” by Melanie Harding-Shaw

“Strands of our Tomorrows,” by Melanie Harding-Shaw, The Arcanist

“The Fisher,” by Melanie Harding-Shaw, Newsroom

“When I turn away, you take the baton,” by Kim Jackways, Flash Frontier

“Come Drink With Me: 龙凤呈祥,” by Michelle Kan, Fish and Swallow Publications

“Gold and Jasper: 世外桃源,” by Michelle Kan, Fish and Swallow Publications

“A Shriek Across the Sky,” by Casey Lucas, Sponge Magazine

“Keen,” by Piper Mejia, Breachzine

“New year, New You,” by Tracie McBride, Things in the Well

“Chasing Oumuamua,” by Sean Monaghan in Asimov’s Science Fiction

“Losing Face,” by Lee Murray, Things in the Well Publications

“The Hotel Excelsior Deluxe,” by Hari Navarro, Breachzine

“The Scorching,” by Dan Rabarts, Pantheon Magazine

“Avoiding the Rush,”by Janna Ruth, Things in the Well

“Inheritance,” by James Rowland, Aurealis

“Proof of Concept,” by James Rowland, New Myths Publishing

“g = Gm / r2,” by Xander Stronach, Breachzine

“The Inconvenient Visitors,” by Lucy Sussex, Clan Destine Press

“I Am Coming With You,” by PK Torrens, Kasma SF

“Atria”, by Toni Wi, Takahē Magazine 96

“Who Watches,” by Rem Wigmore, Upper Rubber Boot Press


Cover for The Dawnhounds, created by Pepper Curry, Little Hook Press

A Witch and His Cat, created by Laya Rose

Illustrations for Tio Tiamu / Smelly Giant, created by Laya Rose, Huia Publishers

Self-Portrait, created by Laya Rose

Cover for Dragon Pearl, created by Vivinne To, Rick Riordan Presents (Disney/Hyperion)

Cover of the Revenge of Magic, created by Vivienne To, Aladdin

Cover for From a Shadow Grave, created by Emma Weakley, Paper Road Press

Cover for Year's Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction & Fantasy: volume 1, created by Emma Weakley, Paper Road Press


Swords: The Webcomic, by Matthew Willis

Haunt.d, by Kezia Tubbs.

Dramatic Presentation

Doctor Who: The Elysian Blade, by David Bishop, BBC Digital Audio

New Talent

Denika Mead

Stephen Mulholland

A.J. Lancaster

Melanie Harding-Shaw

Sascha Stronach

Matthew Willis

Fan Categories


Fan production/Publication

Geysercon con book, produced by Grace Bridges

Plant Life, by Laya Rose

Phoenixine, produced by John and Lynelle Howell

Consequence LARP, written by Callum Upton, Toby Stewart and Sarah Daymond.

Fan Art

Grant Sage, by Michelle Kan

Wandering Wild, by Michelle Kan

Aliens vs. Geysers, by Kat Oliver

Geysercon book cover and poster, by Kat Oliver

Dark Crystal Caduceus, by Laya Rose

Deet, by Laya Rose

Wilder Girls, by Laya Rose

Faith ii by Sketch-bird

Best Fan Writing

“Welcome to the Con”, by Grace Bridges, in GeyserCon con book

“SITREP”, by Alex Lindsay, a monthly column in Phoenixine

Special Awards

Services to Fandom

Grace Bridges

Grace Bridges chaired GeyserCon and does a great deal to support writers and artists both nationally and internationally. She represents NZ well on an international stage and encourages young creators to practice and pursue their own dreams. She plays well with others and is a good example of positive fandom.


Grace Bridges has been an integral member of New Zealand’s fan community for over a decade. A writer, graphic artist, cosplayer, publisher, editor, gamer, speaker, panellist, mentor, and strong community activist, Grace fully embraces her role as both a creator and a fan of science fiction and fantasy. Her formal roles include serving as chair of the GeyserCon National science fiction and fantasy convention, Rotorua June 2019, as a member of the Core of SpecFicNZ for close to a decade (and President of the group for much of that), and as an active member of Young New Zealand Writers (promoting and developing young creatives in science fiction and fantasy) from 2017 onwards. She promotes New Zealand genre work and fandom both locally and internationally and advocates for a science fiction and fantasy community which encourages inclusiveness for all. Most of Grace’s spare time over the past ten years has been devoted to growing and supporting our fan community—usually while dressed as Capt. Kathryn Janeway or as your favourite TimeLord—making her a highly worthy recipient of this award.

Services to Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Melanie Harding-Shaw

Mel has been instrumental in bridging the gap between Kiwi SFF and Worldcon. She has organized a local group of Wellington writers across the SFF spectrum, including those who are familiar with Kiwi fandom and those who have historically worked in the literary scene. She is also coordinating Kiwi SFF participants at CoNZealand, both ensuring a wide variety of voices and encouraging those who might not otherwise attend to consider doing so. She is involved both with SpecFicNZ and the New Zealand Society of Authors to bring all authors of speculative work together to share knowledge and resources and celebrate Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror writing in Aotearoa.

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