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SJV Nominations Long List - 2018


This is the long list of all the eligible nominated works for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards of 2018.

The nominations are for the 2017 calendar year.


Professional Categories


The Island (Under these Crowns book 1), by Jon D. Arthur (Independent)

Teleport, by Kevin Berry (Kindle Press)

Empress of the Fall, by David Hair (Jo Fletcher Books - Hachette Group)

In the Earth's Embrace, by J.C. Hart (Etherhart Press)

Bastet's Daughters, by Lyn McConchie (Wildside Press)

Painted, by Kirsten McKenzie (Squabling Sparrows Press)

Tyche's Flight, by Richard Parry (Independent)

Skeletal, by Emma Pullar (Bloodhound Books)

Hounds of the Underworld, by Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray (Raw Dog Screaming Press)

Silver Silence, by Nalini Singh (Berkley Books)

Starlight's Children, by Darian Smith (Wooden Tiger Press)

Cunning Devil, Chris Underwood (Independent)

Youth Novel

Due at Dawn, by Kevin Berry

Earthcore, Book 1: RotoVegas, by Grace Bridges (Splashdown Books)

The Rejects, by Ali Foster (IFWG Publishing)

The Locksmith, by Barbara Howe (IFWG Publishing)

How to Bee, by Bren MacDibble (Allen & Unwin)

Air Born, by J.L. Pawley (Steam Press)

The Frankie Files, by A.J. Ponder (Phanotm Feather Press)

A Dash of Belladonna, by J. Rackham (Lemon Ink)

A Memory of Fire, by R.L. Stedman (Waverley Productions)

The Kahutahuta, by Douglas A. Van Belle (Intergalactic Media Group)

The Traitor and the Thief, by Gareth Ward (Walker Books Australia)


The Meiosis of Cells and Exile, by Octavia Cade, published in Asimov's Science Fiction, Jan/Feb 2017 edition

Standard Hollywood Depravity, by Adam Christopher, (MacMillan Publishing Group)

Beautiful Abomination, by Frances Duncan (Independent)

Matters Arising from the Identification of the Body, by Simon Petrie (Peggy Bright Books)

Blood Money, by Chris Underwood (Independent)

Collected Work

Mariah's Prologues, by Grace Bridges

Once Upon a Southern Star: A Collection of Retold Fairy Tales, edited by Shelley Chappell

 Short Story

“Children of the Mist” by Tihema Baker, published in Pacific Monsters anthology (Fox Spirit Press)

“Bugchaser” by Michael Botur, published in Breach Magazine

“Earthcore: Initiation” by Grace Bridges, published on

“A Spell to Signal Home” by A.C. Buchanan, published by Glittership

“Into the Sickly Light” by A.C. Buchanan, published in Pacific Monsters Anthology (Fox Spirit Press)

“Syren Song” by A.C Buchanan, published in Kaleidotrope.

“The Atomic Hallows and the Body of Science” by Octavia Cade (published in Shimmer magazine)

“The Stone Weta” by Octavia Cade, published in Clarkesworld, issue 131.

“The Koru” by Woelf Dietrich, published in Armistice, the Inlari SAgas (Kosa Press)

“The Long Weekend” by Mouse Diver-Dudfield, published in Breach magazine

“And We Spake of them Words which Made you Goddess” by A.J. Fitzwater, published in Kaleidotrope

“From the Womb of the Land, Our Bones Entwined” by A.J. Fitzwater, published in Pacific Monsters anthology (Fox Spirit Books).

“Belletower” by Simon Fogarty, published in Once Upon a Southern Star (Shelley Chappell)

“The Bycatch Child” by Tim Jones (published by Sponge NZ)

“Exhibition Match” by Peter Kirk,  published in Breach magazine

“Matey” by Peter Kirk,  published in Breach magazine

“Little Fingers” by Piper Mejia, published in Breach magazine issue #3.

“Crimson Birds of Small Miracles” by Sean Monaghan, published in Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Jan/Feb 2017.

“The Wave” by Kate O’Neil, published in Breach magazine

“Ida” by Julie Reason,  published in Breach magazine

“The Mechanised Jewish Army Strikes Back” by Arthur Robinson,  published in Breach magazine

“Hurk + Dav” by Arthur Robinson,  published in Breach magazine

“The Girl, the Cat and the Goblins” by Abigail Simpson,  published in Breach magazine

“What Have You Done?” by Ronnie Smart,  published in Breach magazine

“New Light” by Andy Southall,  published in Breach magazine

“In place /were/ we(many) stand” by Xander Stronach, published in Breach magazine

“Blue” by Lucy-Jane Walsh, published in Breach magazine

“A Wish and a Hope and a Dream” by M. Darusha Wehm, (Cast of Wonders)

“Ink” by Iona Winter, published in Pacific Monsters anthology (Fox Spirit Books).


Earthcore: Initiation, story poster by Grace Bridges

Cover for Teleport, by Kate Strawbridge

Cover for Beneath Broken Waves, by Kate Strawbridge

Cover for The Madman's Bridge, by Patrick McDonald

Cover for In the Earth's Embrace, by Kate Strawbridge

Cover for Beautiful Abomination, by Kate Strawbridge


Mistlands, by Laya Rose

Dramatic Presentation

The Changeover, directed by Stuart McKenzie and Miranda Harcourt, produced by Emma Slade (Firefly Films)

The Cul de Sac, season 2, (Greenstone TV)

One Thousand Ropes, directed by Tusi Tamasese (Blueskin Films)

New Talent

Barbara Howe

Mark Johnson

J. Rackham

Gareth Ward

Services to Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Andi Buchanan

Darian Smith

Fan Categories

Fan Writing

Alex Lindsay for SITREP (produced in Phoenixine)

Jo Toon for Pass the Rules (produced in Phoenixine)


Fan production/Publication

Phoenixine, edited by John and Lynelle Howell

Lexicon convention booklet, produced by Darusha Wehm

Summer Star Trek – Journey to Babel, Enterprise Entertainment

Fan Art

John Toon, for cartoons in Phoenixine and 2017 LexiCon convention booklet

Services to Fandom

Jan Butterworth

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