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Press Release

New National Science Fiction and Fantasy Organisation Created

Monday 3rd June 2002 - The 2002 New Zealand national science fiction convention, held at Wellington at Queen's Birthday weekend, saw the inauguration of a new umbrella organisation for New Zealand science fiction and fantasy fandom: The Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand (SFFANZ).

Such an organisation was first mooted at 2001's national convention. During the past year, some thirty fans from around the country have been involved in discussing the purpose, duties, and mandate of the new organisation.

SFFANZ aims to act as a national body separate from, but involved with, existing science fiction and fantasy clubs. As such, it hopes to be a major part of the structure of New Zealand fandom, enhancing liaisons between existing fan groups, providing support for events which transcend normal club structures (such as the annual national conventions), and providing a national voice for fandom.

By being an organisation without a club basis, SFFANZ hopes to be able to act independently of the clubs, and therefore the clubs will continue as they have always done, as independent entities.

SFFANZ will also organise and conduct the new national science fiction and fantasy awards, The Sir Julius Vogel awards, and be responsible for the voting between bids to host future national conventions. It will be an incorporated, non-profit society, and will be run for the benefit of as many fans as possible. Membership of SFFANZ will be available either directly or through registration for the national convention.

As an incorporated society, SFFANZ will have a tax-free status. It is intended to allow conventions to utilise this status if they so wish. It is hoped that it will also be able to offer loans or grants to conventions. SFFANZ will also hold a national fan database, to provide fans with information of interest to the New Zealand fan community.

SFFANZ will contribute to the promotion of Science Fiction, Fantasy and fandom in New Zealand by encouraging communication between fan groups, encouraging the creation of new fan groups, being a media contact, and increasing public awareness of local fan groups and activities. It is also hoped that there may be future advantages to fans directly from membership.

For more information, SFFANZ can be contacted at:
SFFANZ, PO Box 13-574, Johnsonville, Wellington, New Zealand


The Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand (SFFANZ) is a national organisation providing continuity for fans of the fantastic within New Zealand. It encourages the formation of clubs and the running of conventions by providing practical advice and help. SFFANZ also runs the annual Sir Julius Vogel Awards, which recognise excellence in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror by New Zealanders.

SFFANZ is a non-profit organisation and registered charity
designed to bring together fans of the fantastic in New Zealand

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