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New Zealand Fanzines:

Noumenon was a Science Fiction Fanzine with occasional comic strips and illustrated covers. It was printed on Waiheke Island, Auckland, by Brian Thorogood. He encouraged artists of all types and abilities to contribute, as well as the usual articles, news items and reviews. Issue number 1 was dated March 1976. The last issue was number 46/47 in June 1982.

Phlogiston was a semi-regular fanzine putting out 43 issues across 12 years. Featuring articles by Alan Robson, Graham P. Collins, Tim Jones, Murray MacLachlan, David Harvey and others. Fiction by Tim Jones, Phillip Mann and others. Art by Dan McCarthy, Tom Cardy, Ian Gunn, Graham Ferner, Glenn Young. Author interviews: Joe Haldeman, Larry Niven, Dan Simmons, Roger Zelazny, Jane Lindskold. Con reviews, fannish activity and feuds.

Timeless Sands
In 1983, New Zealand fan Nigel Rowe published Timeless Sands, a history of fanzines and fan activity in New Zealand. This is an astonishingly detailed and extremely well researched work which gives a fascinating insight into New Zealand's early involvement with science fiction.

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