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Anthologies of New Zealand Science Fiction:

What On Earth?
Tim Jones
Steep Birancas Press 1992

Tim Jones
Steep Birancas Press 1993

Starsongs (Tau Whetu)
Jean Weber
Pegapuss Press 1993
ISBN: 06-473-01798-9
Interior artwork by Dan McCarthy, R. Vic Tornquist and Jean Weber
      The Price of Peace by Joan Sowter
      The Black Dodo by Vivienne Plumb
      In Dungeon Deep by Dan McCarthy
      Time and Again by Alyson Cresswell Moorcock
      Old Genes, New Face by Murray MacLachlan
      Outfoxed by Lyn McConchie
      An Old-Fashioned Story by Phillip Mann
      Maria and the Tree by Tim Jones
      Change of Heart by Maryk Lewis
      Three is a Cloud by Lee Dowrick
      The Healing by Cynthia Harper
      Elizabeth Coppin's House Guests by Bronwyn Civil
      Norma and the Miracle Man by Neroli Cottam
      Solace by Ellen Butland
      Midsummer Magic by Karen Peterson Butterworth
      Beyond Earth's Curve, There is a Light by Jan Bishop

Rutherford's Dreams
Warwick Bennett and Patrick Hudson
IPL Books 1995

Antipodean Tales
Stephen Cain
IPL Books 1996

Tales From The Out Of Time Cafe
Phillip Mann
Hazard Press 1996

Millenium Nights
P. G. R. Hamilton
Campus Press 1998

Stories of Fear
Lee Pletzers
D. G. Publishers, four (4) PDF issues 2001 ~ 2003

Demons and Shadows 1
Lee Pletzers
SPX Press 2003

Demons and Shadows 2
Lee Pletzers
SPX Press 2004

Embark to Madness
Lee Pletzers
Coscom entertainment 2005

Tim Jones

JAAM (Just Another Art Movement) is a literary journal run by an independent publishing collective in Wellington, New Zealand. Issue 26 contains several speculative fiction stories by writers such as Tracie McBride and Lyn McConchie.

Voyagers: Science Fiction Poetry From New Zealand
Mark Pirie and Tim Jones (Editors)
Interactive Press

Semaphore Anthology

Semaphore Anthology

Semaphore Anthology

The Event
Debbie Cowens, Chris Gilman, Stephanie Pegg, Jenni Dowsett and Matt Cowens
ISBN: 978-0-473-16230-6
The Event Collective 2009. 

A Foreign Country
New Zealand Speculative Fiction
Edited by Anna Caro and Juliet Buchanan
Random Static 2010

Tales For Canterbury
Edited by: Cassie Hart and Anna Caro
Random Static 2011

Tales From The Archives
Edited By Philippa Ballantine
Podcast Anthology of Steampunk Stories

Tales From The Bell Club
Edited by Paul Mannering
Knightwatch Press

A New Zealand Comic Anthology
Edited by Amie Maxwell and Damon Keen

Baby Teeth - Bite-Sized Tales of Terror
Paper Road Press
Edited by Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray


1 - Caterpillars by Debbie Cowens
2 - White by Grant Stone
3 - Burying Baby by Paul Mannering
4 - People Pleaser by Darusha Wehm
5 - Con Somma Passione by Lee Murray
6 - Giant by Jack Newhouse
7 - Winter Feast by Elizabeth Gatens
8 - What's the Story, Mother? by Lewis Morgan
9 - Blond Obsession by Jean Gilbert
10 - Simon Says by Matthew Sanborn Smith
11 - Tarantella Moon by Dan Rabarts
12 - Backyard Gardening by Jake Bible
13 - Because I Could... by Celine Murray
14 - End of the Rainbow by Jenni Sands
15 - Kiss your Mother by Alan Lindsay
16 - Practice makes Perfect by Sally McLennan
17 - Blood Sisters by Matt Cowens
18 - Windows by M. Darusha Wehm
19 - Dad's Wisdom by Eileen Mueller
20 - Recession by Darian Smith
21 - Paper Butterfly by Alan Lindsay
22 - The Skulkybunking Wurld Champyon Of The Hole Woorld by Paul Mannering
23 - Teach Your Children Well by Lee Murray
24 - The Character of 82 James St by Anna Caro
25 - Love Hurts by Jan Goldie
26 - Dark Night by Jenni Sands
27 - Friends by Alicia Ponder
28 - Shadowed Halls by Michael J Parry
29 - If They Hadn't Landed So Close by Matt Cowens
30 - All the Ghosts by Dan Rabarts
31 - The Boy with Anime Eyes by Kevin G. Maclean
32 - The Oracle of Karawa by Paul Mannering
33 - Lockdown by Piper Mejia 34 - The Birthday Present by Sally McLennan
35 - Peter and the Wolf by Lee Murray
36 - How They See You by Morgan Davie
37 - The Dead Way by JC Hart

Edited by Anna Caro and Juliet Buchanan
Random Static 2013

The Original Twisty Christmas Tales
Festive Short Stories for Children of All Ages
Edited by Peter Friend, Alicia Ponder and Eileen Mueller
Phantom Feather Press 2013

The Best Of Twisty Christmas Tales
Festive Short Stories for Children of All Ages
Edited by Peter Friend, Alicia Ponder and Eileen Mueller
Phantom Feather Press 2014

Lost In The Museum
Fantasy stories set in Te Papa Tongarewa, New Zealand's national museum
Phoenix Writers 2014

Interspecies (2016)
Woelf Deitrich

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