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   Woelf Dietrich: Interspecies

Mark G. Brewer: Avarice
   Mark G. Brewer: Confluence Point
Woelf Dietrich: These Broken Worlds
    Woelf Dietrich: The Mercy Giver
    Dennis Michael Groves: Random Access Memoriam
    Eileen Mueller : Dragons Realm
Eileen Mueller : DragonTales (Anthology)
David Hair: Ascendant's Rite
Anna Smaill: The Chimes
Y K Willemse: Rafen
Y K Willemse:The Sianian Wolf
Y K Willemse:Servant of the King
Y K Willemse:The Fourth Runi

Tihema Baker: Watched
    Philippa Ballantine: Weather Child
    Philippa Ballantine and Tee Morris: Dawn's Early Light
    Mark G. Brewer: Orbital Envy
    Mark G. Brewer: Regan's Reach
    Drew Bryenton: Halo of Thorns
    Adam Christopher: The Burning Dark 
    Rachael Craw: Spark
    Emily Gee: The Fire Prince
    Paul Gilbert: The Sovereign Hand
    David Hair: Mage's Blood
    Karen Healey: While We Run
    Anna MacKenzie: Donnel's Promise
    Paul Mannering: Engines of Empathy
    Juliet Marillier: Dreamer's Pool: Blackthorn and Grim
    Ian Miller: Gaius Claudius Scaevola 2: Legatus Legionis
    Ian Miller: Gaius Claudius Scaevola 3: Scaevola's Triumph
    Phoenix Writers: Lost In The Museum (Anthology)
    Thomas J. Radford: Tantamount
    Freya Robertson: Sunstone
    J. E. Ryan: The Witches of Autumn 1: The Glass Projector
    Steve Ryan: The Worm King
Nalini Singh: Archangel's Shadows
Nalini Singh: Shield of Winter
Tim Stead: The Sparrow and the Wolf 1: The Seventh Friend
Tim Stead: The Sparrow and the Wolf 2: The Bloodstained God
Tim Stead: The Sparrow and the Wolf 3: The Pity Stone
    J. L. Tomlinson: The Empyrean Key

    Cathy Ashford: Jaseth of Jaelshead Book 1: Bloodkin
    Derin Attwood: The Fortress of Faltryn
    Philippa Ballantine: Kindred And Wings
    Philippa Ballantine: Harbinger
    Philippa Ballantine and Tee Morris: Ministry Protocol (Collection)
    K. D. Berry: Fountain of Forever
    Anna Caro and Juliet Buchanan (Editors): Regeneration (Anthology)
    Sam J. Charlton: Journey of Shadows
    Sam J. Charlton: The Citadel of Lies
    Adam Christopher: The Age Atomic
    Craig Cliffe: The Mannequin Makers
    Woelf Dietrich: The Seals of Abgal
    Kerry Dillon: In Pursuit Of Darkness
    Daniel Falconer: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Chronicles - Art and Design
    Daniel Falconer: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Chronicles - Creatures and Characters
    Jennifer Fallon: Reunion
    Gregory French: Manhood
    David Hair: Ghosts Of Parihaka
    David Hair: Scarlet Tides
    Sharon Hanneford: A Cold Day In Hell
    Karen Healey: When We Wake
    Shaun Hick: The Ghost And Its Shadow
    Deb E. Howell: Healer's Touch
    Sanjay Joshi: Pratibhashali - The Talented
    Peter King: Changels Book 1: Serendipity
    Peter King: Changels Book 2: Metamorphosis
    Peter King: Changels Book 3: Die Bruderschaft
    Elizabeth Knox: Mortal Fire
    Simon Lee: The Fall of Mars
    Aaron Lim: Unholy Wars: Revelations
    Lyn McConchie: Kataagein - The SF/F Cat Storoes of Lyn McConchie
    Lyn McConchie: Flying Free
    Anna MacKenzie: Cattra's Legacy
    Phillip Mann: The Disestablishment Of Paradise
    Paul Mannering: Tankbread 2
    Juliet Marillier: Raven Flight
    Juiliet Marillier: Prickle Moon (Collection)
    Ged Maybury: Nosebleed
    Ian Miller: First Contact 1: A Face on Cydonia
    Ian Miller: First Contact 2: Dreams Defiled
    Ian Miller: First Contact 3: Jonathan Munros
    Ian Miller: Gaius Claudius Scaevola 1: Athene's Prophecy
    Lee Murray and Dan Rabarts (Editors): Baby Teeth - Bite-Sized Tales of Terror (Anthology)
    James Norcliffe: Felix and the Red Rats
    Angela Oliver: Lemur's Saga 1 - Fellowship of the Ringtails
    Richard Parry: Night's Favour
    Alicia Ponder, Peter Friend and Eileen Mueller (Editors): Twisty Christmas Tales - Festive Short Stories for Children of All Ages
    Lila Richards: Restitutions of the Blood
    Freya Robertson: Heartwood
    Joseph Edward Ryan: The Factory World
    Nalini Singh: Heart of Obsidian
    R. L. Stedman: A Necklace Of Souls
    Rainer Süss: Storm Brewing
Robert Wainwright: Talisman of Vim
Brandy Wehinger: Blue
    Gary Weston: Craggy 1: Last Flight for Craggy
Gary Weston: Craggy 2: Another Last Flight for Craggy
Gary Weston: Craggy 3: Craggy's Final Last Flight
Gary Weston: Craggy 4: Craggy: One Flight Too Far
Steve Wheeler: Crystal Venom
Summer Wigmore: The Wind City

    Pip Ballantine & Tee Morris: The Janus Affair
    Philippa Ballantine: Hunter And Fox
    Philippa Ballantine: Wrayth
    K. D. Berry: Growing Disenchantments
    Fredrik Brounéus: The Prince Of Soul And The Lighthouse
    Adam Christopher: Empire State
    Adam Christopher: Seven Wonders
Wiliam Cook: Blood Related
Matt and Debbie Cowens (With Katherine Mansfield): Mansfield With Monsters
Kerry Dillon: The God Child
    Kerry Dillon: Network Of Fear
Ke-Yana Drake: Time Speaker
David Hair: Justice And Utu
David Hair: Mage's Blood
Sharon Hannaford: A Cat's Chance In Hell
Sharon Hanaford: All Hell Breaks Loose
    Karyn King: The Isles
Rachel King: Red Rocks
    Helen Lowe: The Gathering Of The Lost
    Lyn McConchie: Queen Of Iron Years
Paul Mannering (Ed): Tales From The Bell Club
Juliet Mariller: Shadowfell
Juliet Mariller: Flame Of Sevenwaters
Ian Miller: Troubles
Ian Miller: Red Gold
Michael Morrissey: Tropic Of Skorpeo
James Norcliffe: The Enchanted Flute
Angela Oliver: Aroha's Grand Adventure
    Angela Oliver: Midsummer Knight's Quest
Ripley Patton: Ghost Hand
Gareth Renowden: The Burning World - Book 1: The Aviator
Nalini Singh: Archangel's Storm
Nalini Singh: Tangle Of Need
Chris Strange: Don't Be A Hero
M. Darusha Wehm: The Beauty Of Our Weapons
Gary Weston: 95 Million Killers
Gary Weston: Dusty Miller 8
    Steve Wheeler: Burnt Ice

    Alma Alexander: Midnight At Spanish Gardens
    Alma Alexander: Once Upon A Fairy Tale
    Tui Allen: Ripple
    Philippa Ballantine: Spectyr
    Pip Ballantine & Tee Morris: Phoenix Rising
    Fleur Beale: Heart Of Danger
    Bernard Beckett: August
    K. D. Berry: Dragons Away!
    Gary Cross: Swarm Of The Undead
Edward Davies: Divine Intervention
Kerry Dillon: Servants Of Tane
Kerry Dillon: The Fourth Crystal
Kerry Dillon: Pathway Of The Gods
Kerry Dillon: Hybrid Avatar
Kerry Dillon: Time Of Spellcasters
A. J. Dormaar: The Unclaimed Throne
Barbara Else: The Travelling Restaurant
Brian Falkner: Recon Team Angel: Assault
Emily Gee: The Sentinel Mage
Warwick Gibson: In The Heart Of Stars
Chris Guise: The Art Of The Adventures Of Tintin: Weta Workshop
Mandy Hagar: Resurrection
Paul Haines: The Last Days Of Kali Yuga (Collection)
David Hair: The Ghost Bride
David Hair: The Lost Tohunga
Karen Healey: The Shattering
Phillip Henderson: Maig's Hand
Jane Higgins: The Bridge
Raymond Huber: Wings
Tim Kilgour: Last Arrival In Time
Jack Lasenby: Calling The Gods
    Glynne MacLean: Space Race
Anna MacKenzie: Finder's Shore
Paul Mannering: Tankbread
Paul Mannering: The Man Who Could Not Climb Stairs and Other Strange Stories (Collection)
    Ged Maybury: Across The Stonewind Sky
Russell Meek: The Madness Of Hallen
Ian Miller: Puppeteer
Paula Morris: Dark Souls
Meg Mundell: Black Glass
Lee Murray: Battle Of The Birds
Emma Neale: Fosterling
James Norcliffe: The Loblolly Boy And The Sorceror
Joanna Orwin: Sacrifice
    Ian Packman: The Stones Of Akron II
Ian Packman: The Stones Of Akron III
Geoff Palmer: Too Many Zeros
Michael J. Parry: The Spiral Tattoo
Alicia Ponder and Peter Friend: The Great Weta Robbery
Nalini Singh: Archangel's Blade
    Nalini Singh: Archangel's Consort
Nalini Singh: Kiss Of Snow
Phillip W. Simpson: Rapture
Chris Strange: The Man Who Crossed Worlds
    Lucy Sussex: Matilda Told Such Dreadful Lies (Collection)
    Mary Victoria: Samiha's Song
Mary Victoria: Oracle's Fire
M. Darusha Wehm: Act Of Will
   Gary Weston: Dusty Miller 1
Gary Weston: Dusty Miller 2
Gary Weston: Dusty Miller 3
Gary Weston: Dusty Miller 4
Gary Weston: Dusty Miller 5
Gary Weston: Dusty Miller 6
Gary Weston: Dusty Miller 7
Gary Weston: Riders of the Plane 1: Dusty Miller 6
Gary Weston: Riders of the Plane 2: Dusty Miller 7
Pat Whitaker: Nmemesis
Karen Whittaker: Fracture
Geoffrey Wilson: Land Of Hope And Glory

R. J. Astruc: A Festival Of Skeletons
    Philipa Ballantine: Geist
    Fleur Beale: Fierce September
Grace Bridges: Legendary Space Pilgrims
    Anna Caro and Juliet Buchanan (Editors): A Foreign Country (Anthology)
    Ken Catran: Smiling Jack
Gary Cross: Empire Of The Undead
    Rowena De Silva: Aria
    Daniel Falconer: The Art Of District 9: Weta Workshop
    Brian Falkner: The Project
    Maurice Gee: The Limping Man
    Warwick Gibson: Orouth
    Mandy Hagar: Into The Wilderness
    David Hair: Pyre Of Queens
    David Hair: The Taniwha's Tear
    Karen Healey: Guardian Of The Dead
Phillip Henderson: Druid's Bane
    Helen Lowe: The Heir Of Night
Anna MacKenzie: Ebony Hill
    Lyn McConchie: The Questing Road
Lyn McConchie: Summer Of Dreaming
Juliet Mariller: Seer Of Sevenwaters
Larry Nelson: SpacEscape
Ian Packman: The Stones Of Akron I
    Simon Petrie: Rare Unsigned Copy - Tales Of Rocketry, Ineptitude and Giant Mutant Vegetables (Collection)
    Lee Pletzers: The Game
Lila Richards: A Different Hunger
    Reg Ruckey: Critical Orbit
Nalini Singh: Archangel's Kiss
Nalini Singh: Bonds Of Justice
Nalini Singh: Play Of Passion
David Sutton: Harvenger
Paul Tobin (Ed): White Cloud Worlds
Douglas A. Van Belle: Barking Death Squirrels
Mary Victoria: Tymon's Flight
Emma Weakley: Jack And The Beanstalk
M. Darusha Wehm: Self Made

    Alma Alexander: Worldweavers: Cybermage
    Lisa Agnew: The Overman's Folly
    Grace Bridges: Faith Awakened
    Greg Broadmore: Victory
    Ken Catran: Nina Of The Dark
    John Cairney: Flashback Forward
    Gary Cross: Plague Of The Undead
    Gary Cross: Super Sister
    Brian Falkner: Brainjack
    Emily Gee: The Laurentine Spy
    Warwick Gibson: Starfire Scourge
    Elenor Gill: Dreams Of Origami
Mandy Hagar: The Crossing
David Hair: The Bone Tiki
Russell Kirkpatrick: Beyond The Wall Of Time
Elizabeth Knox: The Angel's Cut
Glynne Maclean: The Silent
Glynne Maclean: The Test
    Margaret Mahy: The Dark Blue 100 Bus Ride Ticket
    Juliet Marillier: Heart's Blood
    Paula Morris: Ruined
    James Norcliffe: The Loblolly Boy
    Lee Pletzers: The Last Church
    Nalini Singh: Angel's Blood
Nalini Singh: Angel's Pawn
    Nalini Singh: Branded By Fire
    Nalini Singh: Blaze Of Memory
    Michael Thorp: Ben Brown's Adventure Beyond The Universe - The Return Of The Nephilim
Wayne Watson: Meddlers In Time
Ella West: Real  Life   
    M. Darusha Wehm: Beautiful Red
    Pat Whitaker: Returning
Daniel Williamson: Magician, Man and Beast

    Alma Alexander: Worldweavers: Spellspam
    Philipa Ballantine: Digital Magic
    R. E. Bartlett: The Personifid Invasion
    Fleur Beale: Juno Of Taris
    Amy Brooke: Who Will Speak For The Dreamer?
    M. Ross Davies: ClanDragon
    Brian Falkner: The Tomorrow Code
    Maurice Gee: Gool
    Elenor Gill: The Moon Spun Round
    N. D. Hansen-Hill: ErRatic
    Peter Harris: The Girl And The Guardian - Vol. 1 of The Apples Of Aeden
    Kevin Ireland: The Jigsaw Chronicles
    Sarah Johnston: Ella And Ob
    Tim Jones: Transported (Collection)
    Russell Kirkpatrick: Dark Heart
    John Lockyer: Lost
    Helen Lowe: Thornspell
    Glynne Maclean: The Spiral Chrysalis
    Glynne Maclean: The Time Stealers
    Margaret Mahy: The Magician Of Hoad
    Juliet Marillier: Heir To Sevenwaters
    Linda McNabb: Dragon's Bane
    Mike Reeves-McMillan: City Of Masks
    Toni Rolleston-Cummins: The Seven Stars Of Matariki
    Jack Ross: EMO
    Nalini Singh: Hostage To Pleasure
    Nalini Singh: Mine To Posess
    Nalini Singh: Stroke Of Enticement (Novella)
    Len Sky: The Realm
    Jillian Sullivan: Silverstream
    Ian Wedde: Chinese Opera
    Ella West: Anywhere But Here
    Pat Whitaker: Antithesis
Pat Whitaker: Bad Blood
Pat Whitaker: Mindset
Pat Whitaker: Raw Spirit
Pat Whitaker: Time Out

    Alma Alexander: Worldweavers: Gift Of The Unmage
    L-J Baker: Lady Knight
    Bernard Beckett: Genesis
    S. V. Bodle: Secret Of The Stolen Scripts
    Sam J. Charlton: The Children Of Isador
    Maurice Gee: Salt
    Emily Gee: Thief With No Shadow
    Elenor Gill: Miriam's Talisman
    Craig Harrison: Dumpster Saga
    Tim Jones: Anarya's Secret: An Earthdawn Novel
    Sherryl Jordan: The Silver Dragon
    Sherryl Jordan: Time Of The Eagle
    Russell Kirkpatrick: Path of Revenge
    Elizabeth Knox: DreamQuake
    B. P. Lilburn: Okraalom
    Anna MacKenzie: The Sea-Wreck Stranger
    Marie Manderson: Keeper Of Secrets
    Juliet Marillier: Cybele's Secret
    Linda McNabb: The Shadow Hunters
    Linda McNabb: Timeweaver
    Linda McNabb: Valley Of Silver
    Diana Noonan: Flight From Ledron
    Lee Pletzers: Terror Tales
    Dawn Rotarangi: Ripples On The Lake
    Tina Shaw: Into The Hinterland
    Nalini Singh: Beat Of Temptation (Novella,
    Nalini Singh: Caressed by Ice
    Nalini Singh: Visions Of Heat
    Tulia Thompson: Josefa And The Vu
    Isabel Waiti-Mulholland: Inna Furey
    Yvonne Eve Walus: Interview With The Dragon

    Alma Alexander: The Embers Of Heaven
    Chris Baker: Shadow Waters
    L-J Baker: Broken Wings
    S. V. Bodle: Hunt For The Emberteller
    Hugh Cook: The Succubus and Other Stories (Collection)
    Hugh Cook: This Is a Picture of Your God: A Hugh Cook Reader (Collection)
    Nigel Cox: The Cowboy Dog
    Bill Direen: Song Of The Brakeman
    Elenor Gill: In the Shadows Of Trees
    Paul Haines: Doorways For The Disposessed (Collection)
    N. D. Hansen-Hill: Gray Beginnings
    N. D. Hansen-Hill: Vision
    Peter Harris: The Icon Of Ainenia
    Rod Hylands: Lateral Connection
    V. M. Jones: Quest For The Sun - Karazan Quartet #4
    Russell Kirkpatrick: The Right Hand of God
    Margaret Mahy: Kaitangata Twitch
    Margaret Mahy: Maddigan's Quest (Also produced as a TV series)
    Margaret Mahy: Portable Ghosts
    Juliet Marillier: The Well Of Shades
    Juliet Marillier: Wildwood Dancing
    Janice Marriott: Chute Thru
    Lyn McConchie: Beastmaster's Quest
    Linda McNabb: Mountains Of Fire
    Linda McNabb: The Crystal Runners
    Caroline McCurdie: Unquiet
    James Norcliffe: The Assassin of Gleam
    Jack Ross: The Imaginary Museum of Atlantis
    Nalini Singh: Slave To Sensation
    Lucy Sussex: Absolute Uncertainty (Collection)
    Penelope Todd: Box
    Yvonne Eve Walus: Sex, Lies And Here Be Dragons (Collection)
    Ella West: Thieves

    Philipa Ballantine: Chasing The Bard
    R. E. Bartlett: The Personifid Project
    S. V. Bodle: Battle For The Savant Sceptre
    Ken Catran: Something Wicked This Way Comes
    Hugh Cook: Bamboo Horses
    Hugh Cook: To Find and Wake the Dreamer
    Gary Cross: Borderland
    N. D. Hansen-Hill: Bone Song
    N. D. Hansen-Hill: The Hollowing
    V. M. Jones: Prince Of The Wind - Karazan Quartet #3
    Rob Kirk: Light From A Distant Universe
    Russell Kirkpatrick: Across the Face of the World
    Russell Kirkpatrick: In the Earth Abides the Flame
    Elizabeth Knox: Dreamhunter
    Juliet Marillier: Blade Of Fortrieu
    Juliet Marillier: Foxmask
    Juliet Marillier: The Dark Mirror
    Lyn McConchie: Silver May Tarnish
    Lyn McConchie: The Duke's Ballad
    Linda McNabb: Runeweaver
    Linda McNabb: The Seventh Son
    Ged Maybury: Snowcave Inn
    James Norcliffe: Along Blueskin Road
    Lucy Sussex: A Tour Guide in Utopia (Collection)

    Alma Alexander: The Hidden Queen
    Alma Alexander: The Secrets of Jin-Shei
    Ken Catran: Blue
    Ken Catran: More Weird Stuff About Mr Foster
    Ken Catran: Protus Rising
    Ken Catran: Seal Boy
    Nigel Cox: Tarzan Presley
    Stu Dunn: Sarophia
    N. D. Hansen-Hill: Blood Works
    N. D. Hansen-Hill: Relic
    Mike Johnson: Stench
    V. M. Jones: Beyond The Shroud - Karazan Quartet #2
    Lyn McConchie: Beastmaster's Circus
    Linda McNabb: The Stonekeeper's Daughter
    Lorraine Orman: Cross Tides
Lee Pletzers: Re-Entry Of Evil

    Ken Catran: Artists are Crazy and Other Stories
    Ken Catran: Bloody Liggie
    Ken Catran: Lin and the Red Stranger
    Ken Catran: Odysseus
    Dale Elvy: Dark Shinto
    N. D. Hansen-Hill: Elf
    N. D. Hansen-Hill: Fire
    N. D. Hansen-Hill: Grave Image
    N. D. Hansen-Hill: Light
    N. D. Hansen-Hill: Static
    N. D. Hansen-Hill: Trolls
    V. M. Jones: Serpents Of Arakesh - Karazan Quartet #1
    Elizabeth Knox: Daylight
    Glynne Maclean: Roivan (Penguin NZ,
    Juliet Marillier: Wolfskin
    Lyn McConchie: Beastmaster's Ark
    Linda McNabb: The Puppet Master
    Ged Maybury: Scuttle And The Zipzaps
    Lucy Sussex: The Revognase

    Lisa Agnew: Sword
    Agnes-Mary Brooke: From Whatever Shadows They Came
    Ken Catran: Blue Murder
    Ken Catran: Something Weird About Mr Foster
    Ken Catran: Tomorrow The Dark
    Dale Elvy: Spirit City
    N. D. Hansen-Hill: Grave Imagery
    Alma Hromic: Changer of Days, Volume 2
    Sherryl Jordan: Hunting Of The Last Dragon
    Margaret Mahy: Alchemy
    Juliet Marillier: Child Of The Prophecy
    Lyn McConchie: The Troll and the Huia
    Linda McNabb: The Dragon's Apprentice
    Ged Maybury: Pig Apples
    Yvonne Eve Walus: Distant Drums (Collection)
    Yvonne Eve Walus: NoWhen (Collection)

    Chris Baker: Kokopu Dreams
    Agnes-Mary Brooke: Dragon Moon
    Agnes-Mary Brooke: Jasper And Granny May
    Agnes-Mary Brooke: The Little brass Bell
    Ken Catran: Mall Rats
    Ken Catran: Taken at the Flood
    Dale Elvy: First Hunter
    N. D. Hansen-Hill: Graven Image
    Alma Hromic: Changer of Days, Volume 1
    Mike Johnson: Counterpart
    Tim Jones: Extreme Weather Events (Collection)
    Elizabeth Knox: Black Oxen
    Donna Malane: Alien Time
    Juliet Marillier: Son Of The Shadows
    Linda McNabb: And The Winner Is...
    Ged Maybury: I Am Leatherman
    Lee Pletzers: Blood Of The Wolf
    Cherry Wilder: The Wanderer (with Katya Reimann)

    Agnes-Mary Brooke: The Duck Who Went To Heaven
    Agnes-Mary Brooke: The Moa Stone
    Ken Catran: Road Kill
    Ken Catran: Talking to Blue
    Ken Catran: The Onager
    Ken Catran: Voyage with Jason
    Joy Cowley: Starbright And The Dream Eater
    Nigel Cox: Skylark Lounge
    N. D. Hansen-Hill: Crystals
    N. D. Hansen-Hill: Grave Images
    N. D. Hansen-Hill: Lightning Play
    N. D. Hansen-Hill: Light Play
    N. D. Hansen-Hill: Light Plays
    N. D. Hansen-Hill: Mud
    N. D. Hansen-Hill: Shades
    N. D. Hansen-Hill: Trees
    Margaret Mahy: A Dissolving Ghost: Essays and More
    Juliet Marillier: Daughter Of The Forest
    Ged Maybury: Crab Apples

    Alma Alexander: Letters from the Fire (with R. A. Deckert)
    Ken Catran: The Golden Prince
    Sandi Hall: Rumours Of Dreams
    Sherryl Jordan: The Raging Quiet
    Lyn McConchie: Olaf, Tui and the Bullies
    Lyn McConchie: Tales From the Marrigan Trade House
    Alan Robson: Trimmings From The Triffid's Beard Vol. 2 (Criticism)

    Joy Cowley: Ticket To The Sky Dance
    Elizabeth Knox: The Vintner's Luck
    Lyn McConchie: Ciara's Song
    Lyn McConchie: The Troll And The Taniwha
    Ged Maybury: Horse Apples
    James Norcliffe: A Kind of Kingdom

    Lyn McConchie: The Lonely Troll
    Lyn McConchie: Troll's New Jersey
    Sherryl Jordan: The Great Bear Burglary
    Michael Morrissey: Paradise to Come
    Lucy Sussex: Black Ice
    Lucy Sussex: The Penguin Friend

    Agnes-Mary Brooke: The Owl, The Two And The Medlar
    Mike Johnson: Dumb Show
    Sherryl Jordan: Secret Sacrament
    Sherryl Jordan: Wizard For A Day
    Phillip Mann: Tales From The Out Of Time Cafe (Editor)
    Phillip Mann: The Burning Forest
    Lucy Sussex: The Scarlet Rider
    Cherry Wilder: Signs of Life

    Alma Alexander: The Dolphin's Daughter and Other Stories (Collection)
    Ken Catran: Deepwater Angels
    Ken Catran: Deepwater Landing
    Ken Catran: Doomfire on Venus
    Ken Catran: Dream Bite
    Ken Catran: Fries
    Ken Catran: Ghosts Of Triton
    Ken Catran: The Secret Of Boomer Lake
    Sherryl Jordan: Sign Of The Lion
    Phillip Mann: The Dragon Wakes
    Lyn McConchie: Key Of The Keplian
    Ged Maybury: Hive Of The Starbees
Ged Maybury: The Rebel Masters
    James Norcliffe: The Carousel Experiment
    Lucy Sussex: Shadow Alley: Nine Crime Stories (Editor)
    Lucy Sussex: She's Fantastical (Editor)
    Cherry Wilder: Dealers in Light and Darkness (Collection)

    Ken Catran: Shadow Of Phobos
    Sherryl Jordan: Tanith [Also published as: Wolf Woman]
    Phillip Mann: Stand Alone Stan
    James Norcliffe: The Emerald Encyclopaedia
    Lucy Sussex: Deersnake
    Lucy Sussex: The Lottery: Nine Science Fiction Stories (Editor)
    Lucy Sussex: The Patternmaker: Nine Science Fiction Stories (Editor)

    Ken Catran: Deepwater Black
    Tim Jones: Electoplasm (Editor)
    Sherryl Jordan: Winter Of Fire
    Phillip Mann: Escape To The Wild Wood
    Ged Maybury: The Seventh Robe
Ged Maybury: The Triggerstone
    James Norcliffe: Penguin Bay
    James Norcliffe: The Chinese Interpreter (Collection)
    Alan Robson: Trimmings From The Triffid's Beard Vol. 1 (Criticism)

    Agnes-Mary Brooke: Night Of The Medlar
    Hugh Cook: The Witchlord and the Weaponmaster
    Hugh Cook: The Worshippers and the Way
    Gaelyn Gordon: Tripswitch
    Tim Jones: What On Earth? (Editor)
    Sherryl Jordan: Denzil's Dilemma

    Agnes-Mary Brooke: A Ring Around The Sun
    Hugh Cook: The Lords of the Sword
    Hugh Cook: The Werewolf and the Wormlord
    Mike Johnson: Lethal Dose
    Sherryl Jordan: The Juniper Game
    Sherryl Jordan: The Wednesday Wizard
    Margaret Mahy: Dangerous Spaces
    Ged Maybury: StarTroopers
    Michael Morrissey: Octavio's Last Invention
    James Norcliffe: Under the Rotunda

    Hugh Cook: The Wazir and the Witch
    Hugh Cook: The Wishstone and the Wonderworkers
    Sherryl Jordan: A Time Of Darkness
    Sherryl Jordan: Rocco
    Phillip Mann: Wulfsyarn - A Mosaic
    Ged Maybury: Silicone Stew
    Lucy Sussex: My Lady Tongue and Other Tales (Collection)

    Hugh Cook: The Oracle
    Hugh Cook: The Wicked and the Witless
    Sherryl Jordan: The Wobbly Tooth
    Phillip Mann: Pioneers
    Lucy Sussex: The Fortunes of Mary Fortune (Editor)
    Lucy Sussex: The Peace Garden

    Hugh Cook: The Heroes Return
    Hugh Cook: The Questing Hero
    Hugh Cook: The Walrus and the Warwolf
    Janet Frame: The Carpathians
    Craig Harrison: Days of Starlight
    Mike Johnson: Anti Body Positive
    Margaret Mahy: The Door in the Air and Other Stories
    Cherry Wilder: Cruel Designs

    Hugh Cook: The Women and the Warlords
    Hugh Cook: The Wordsmiths and the Warguild
    Sandi Hall: Wingwomen Of Hera
    Elizabeth Knox: After Z-Hour
    Phillip Mann: The Fall Of The Families

    Ken Catran: Hanlon
    Hugh Cook: The Shift
    Hugh Cook: The Wizards and the Warriors aka Wizard War
    Mike Johnson: Lear: the Shakespeare Company Plays Lear at Babylon
    Sherryl Jordan: Matthew's Monsters
    Margaret Mahy: Aliens in the Family
    Margaret Mahy: The Tricksters
    Phillip Mann: Master Of Paxwax
    Ged Maybury: Timetwister
    Cherry Wilder: The Summer's King

    Maurice Gee: Motherstone
    Margaret Mahy: The Catalogue of the Universe
    Michael Morrissey: The New Fiction (Editor)
    Joanna Orwin: Guardian Of The Land

    Ken Catran: Children of the Dog Star
    Maurice Gee: The Priests of Ferris
    Phillip Mann: The Eye Of The Queen
    Cherry Wilder: A Princess of the Chameln
    Cherry Wilder: Yorath the Wolf

    Janet Frame: You Are Entering The Human Heart (Collection)
    Cherry Wilder: The Tapestry Warriors

    Maurice Gee: The Halfmen of O
    Sandi Hall: The Godmothers
    Cherry Wilder: Second Nature

    Craig Harrison: The Quiet Earth
    Michael Morrissey: The Fat Lady & The Astronomer: Some Persons, Persuasions, Paranoias, and Places You Ought to Encounter

    Hugh Cook: Plague Summer
    Maurice Gee: The World Around the Corner
    Cherry Wilder: The Nearest Fire

    Janet Frame: Living In The Maniototo
    Maurice Gee: Under the Mountain

    M. K. Joseph: The Time of Achamoth
    Cherry Wilder: The Luck of Brin's Five

    Craig Harrison: Broken October
    Diana Moorhead: Gull Man's Glory

    Craig Harrison: Tomorrow Will Be a Lovely Day

    Diana Moorhead: The Green And The White

    Janet Frame: Intensive Care

    Colin Gibson: The Pepper Leaf
    Diana Moorhead: In Search Of Magic
    C. K. Stead: Smith's Dream

    M. K. Joseph: The Hole in the Zero

    Bee Baldwin: Red Dust

    Janet Frame: Scented Garden For The Blind
    Janet Frame: Snowman, Snowman: Fables And Fantasies (Collection)

    Dulcie Deamer: Holiday

    Dulcie Deamer: The Devil's Saint

    Dulcie Deamer: In The Beginning: Six Studies Of The Stone Age And Other Stories (Collection)

    William Satchell: The Elixir Of Life

    George W. Bell: Mr Oseba's Last Discovery

    Godfrey Sweven: Limanora: The Island of Progress

    Samuel Butler: Erewhon Revisited
    Godfrey Sweven: Riallaro: The Archipelago of Exiles

    Edward Tregear: Hedged With Divinities

    Ajor: The Secret Of Mount Cook

    Henry Crocker Marriott-Watson: The Decline and Fall of the British Empire, or The Witch's Cavern

    Julius Vogel: Anno Domini 2000; or, Woman's Destiny

    The Inhabitant: The Great Romance

    Henry Crocker Marriott-Watson: Erchomenon, or The Republic of Materialism

    Samuel Butler: Erewhon; or Over the Range

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