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After much discussion, it is sometimes useful to poll the list members to find out how many share a certain opinion. We take votes, and the results are presented here.

Past votes are presented with the questions asked, and the responses. Note that some numbers of votes may not add up because the response from the voter could not be interpreted, or they abstained from that question.

Current Voting

There is not a vote currently happening.

Proposed questions

These are questions which people think it would be useful to ask. The questions will be listed here so that people can comment on the phrasing and usefulness of questions. We WILL NOT be voting on the phrasing of questions, otherwise we will be here until NEXT millennium. All comments to the list are welcome.

Proposed Question List

  1. Should membership of the natorg committee be limited to New Zealand residents?

Past Voting

Final Name Vote

Voting Finished 12/9/01
Total Responses: 24
The results show the way that people voted. ie. '1'=8 means that 8 people voted for this option as their first choice and so on. The results were calculated by Norman Cates, Simon Litten and James Dignan. They arrived at the same result each, by slightly different paths. If you wish to examine the raw data yourself and make your own calculations, let Norman know and he'll send you a spreadsheet without the names of people on it.

Vote #



1. Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand (SFFANZ)

Overall winner

'1'= 8
'2'= 4
'3'= 4
'4'= 1
'5'= 4
2. New Zealand Association of SF and F (NZASFF)
'1'= 1
'2'= 2
'3'= 2
'4'= 2
'5'= 1
3. New Zealand SF and F Association  (NZSFFA)
'1'= 4
'2'= 2
'3'= 2
'4'= 4
'5'= 1
4.    Science Fiction and Fantasy Organisation of New Zealand (SFFONZ or SFFOrgNZ)
'1'= 1
'2'= 3
'3'= 0
'4'= 1
'5'= 2
5.    New Zealand Organisation for Science Fiction and Fantasy (NZOSFF)
'1'= 0
'2'= 0
'3'= 0
'4'= 4
'5'= 2
6.    New Zealand Science Fiction and Fantasy Organisation  (NZSFFO)
'1'= 1
'2'= 1
'3'= 2
'4'= 1
'5'= 1
7.    Science Fiction and Fantasy Foundation of New Zealand (SFFFNZ) 
'1'= 0
'2'= 5
'3'= 3
'4'= 2
'5'= 2
8.    New Zealand Foundation of SF and F (NZFSFF)
'1'= 0
'2'= 3
'3'= 4
'4'= 1
'5'= 0
9.    New Zealand SF and F Foundation (NZSFFF)
'1'= 7
'2'= 0
'3'= 2
'4'= 2
'5'= 2
10. Science Fiction and Fantasy, New Zealand (SFFNZ) 
'1'= 2
'2'= 1
'3'= 3
'4'= 5
'5'= 3
11. Science Fantasy Association of New Zealand (SFANZ)
'1'= 0
'2'= 2
'3'= 2
'4'= 0
'5'= 2
12.    Aoteoroa Science Fiction and Fantasy Society (ASFFS)

And variations of the above, using Aotearoa

'1'= 0
'2'= 1
'3'= 0
'4'= 0
'5'= 1


13.    Organisation of Science Fiction Enthusiasts of NZ (OSFFENZ)  
14.    Association of Science Fiction Enthusiasts of NZ (ASFFENZ)  
15.    NZ Coalition of Science Fiction and Fantasy Enthusiasts (NZCSFFE)   
16.    Organisation for the Support of Science Fiction Activities in NZ (OSSFFANZ)
'1'= 0
'2'= 0
'3'= 0
'4'= 0
'5'= 1
17.    NZ Coalition for Science Fiction and Fantasy (NZCSFF)
'1'= 0
'2'= 0
'3'= 0
'4'= 1
'5'= 0
18.    FeNZ (full name SFNZ)
'1'= 0
'2'= 0
'3'= 0
'4'= 0
'5'= 2

Simons Analysis of the votes

A  very interesting polarisation of opinions of the natorg name for those who voted for options 1 (SFFANZ) and 9 (NZSFFF).

These two names were voted for by all 24 electors in some combination.

As far as the 21 SFFANZ voters went, six first preferences, two second preferences, two third preferences and one fifth preference did not rank NZSFFF. This is more than half the voters for the eventual winner not liking the second placed option enough to rank it.

As far as the 13 NZSFFF voters went, two first preferences and one third preference returned the compliment.

This means that from 24 votes cast only 10 electors voted for both names.

Going to the next degrees of dislike for SFFANZ: one first preference ranked NZSFFF fifth, a second preference ranked it fifth.

For NZSFFF: two first preferences ranked SFFANZ fifth and another ranked it fourth.

The highest degree of satisfaction the names got were: one SFFANZ first preference ranked the other third, whereas two NZSFFF repaid the compliment.

There were no first and second preferences for these combinations of names.

Using raw preferences and allocating results on a first preference = 5 points, 2nd = 4, 3rd = 3 etc. This gives a total option vote pool of 360 (24 times 5, 4, 3, 2 and1).

Option 1, SFFANZ, scored 74 (8/4/4/1/4), 21 preferences

Option 9, NZSFFF, scored 47 (7/0/2/2/2), 13 preferences

Option 3, NZSFFA, scored 43 (4/2/2/4/1), 13 preferences

Option 10, SFFNZ, scored 36 (2/1/3/5/3), 14 preferences

Option 7, SFFFNZ, scored 35 (0/5/3/2/2), 12 preferences

Then we enter the realm of the also rans

Option 8, NZFSFF, scored 26 (0/3/4/1/0), 8 preferences

Option 2, NZASFF, scored 24 (1/2/2/2/1), 8 preferences

Option 4, SFFONZ, scored 21 (1/3/0/1/2), 7 preferences

Option 6, NZSFFO, scored 18 (1/1/2/1/1), 6 preferences

Option 11, SFANZ, scored 16 (0/2/2/0/2), 6 preferences

Option 5, NZOSFF, scored 10 (0/0/0/4/2) 6 preferences

Option 12, ASFFS, scored 6 (0/1/0/0/1) 2 preferences

Option 17, NZCSFF, scored 2 (0/0/0/1/0), 1 preference

Option 18, FeNZ, scored 2 (0/0/0/0/2), 2 preferences

Option 16, OSSFFANZ, scored 1 (0/0/0/0/1), 1 preference

Options 13 (OSFFENZ), 14 (ASFFENZ) and 15 (NZCSFFE) weren't even voted for by people who suggested them (unless these electors dropped out with fatigue).

2 questions about the name, to try to reduce the number of options we have.

Voting Finished: 31/8/01
Total responses: 21 (Most people answered both questions, some only one.)

1 Should we include the word "Fantasy" as well as "Science Fiction" in any acronymic name we choose? ie. "XXXXXXXXX Science Fiction and Fantasy XXXXXXXXXXXXX" Yes=14 No=5
2 Do you favour:

A) an acronym (ie. a long, descriptive name that is shortened by only using the first letters of each word)

B) a full name (ie. a non-descriptive name, usually short that may hint at the functions of the organisation.)

Acronym=14 Non-Acronym = 0


8 Questions mainly regarding the membership period

Voting Finished 17/8/01.
Total Responses: 21

1 All things considered, do you think that membership in the natorg should run from:    
Natcon to Natcon A=11  
On a yearly basis with fixed dates (exact period and methods to be decided) B=8  
Abstain C=2  

2 Given enough sponsorship of the natorg, would it be acceptable to allow fans to become a member of the natorg for free? Yes=12 No=7 Abs=2

3 Regarding the fan awards - Do you think that ONLY members of the natorg be allowed to vote for the fan awards? Yes=10 No=9 Abs=2

4 Regarding the voting for the natcon - Do you think that ONLY members of the natorg should be allowed to vote for the next natcon? Yes=12 No=9 Abs=0

The next questions deal with the requirements for a natcon.

Do you believe that the natcon should be REQUIRED to:
5 Allow voting and presentation of the Fan Awards at the natcon? Yes=20 No=1 Abs=0
6 Allow the natorg to hold its AGM at the natcon? Yes=20 No=1 Abs=0
7 Allow voting to take place for the next natcon? Yes=20 No=1 Abs=0

8 Do you agree that the natcon should take natorg memberships on behalf of the natorg?
(This assumes that the administrative requirements can be fulfilled with a minimum of hassle.)
Yes=19 No=0 Abs=2

10 Questions mainly regarding Membership Issues

Voting Finished 13/7/01.
Total Responses: 26

There were queries about the form of these questions. Indeed, some issues were lumped together. These questions were simply to get a general idea of where people stand on these issues.

1a Should the Natorg administer and fund the fan awards? Yes=26 No=0
1b If yes, should this be something the Natorg does immediately, or in the longer term? Now=23 

2a If funds are available should the Natorg provide seed loans to help ConComs to establish the national convention? Yes=22 No=4
2b If yes, should this be something the Natorg does immediately, or in the longer term? Now=12

3a Should the Natorg administer the fan database, for continuity purposes? Yes=24 No=1
3b If yes, should this be something the Natorg does immediately, or in the longer term? Now=23

4a Should the NatOrg issue an update to members on a periodic basis? Yes=26 No=0
4b If yes, on what basis?
Two-monthly A= 0
Quarterly B= 10
Six-monthly C= 5
Annually D= 1
On an ad-hoc basis as needed, but at least annually E= 10

5a If funds are available, should the NatOrg make bailout grants to Cons that struggle financially (assuming they meet good business criteria) Yes=22 No=4
5b If yes, should this be something the Natorg does immediately, or in the longer term? Now=8

6a Should the NatCon relief fund (if any) be kept separate from other NatOrg funds? Yes=19 No=5

7a How should NatOrg membership by NatCon attendees be handled?
ConCom collects Natorg fees on behalf (people opt in to NatOrg and pay extra) A=9
ConCom pays a licence fee per attendee to NatOrg for running the awards etc. As a part of that, attendees have the option of a free membership to NatOrg (licence fee added to Con fee) B=7
As for B but attendees are automatically joined to NatOrg unless they explicitly opt out. C=8
NatOrg membership is completely separate (e.g. NatOrg has a booth at the convention where people may join) D=0

8a Should the NatOrg pursue discount arrangements with retailers? Yes=24 No=2
8b If yes, should this be something the Natorg does immediately, or in the longer term? Now=4

9a Should the NatOrg administer the website, for continuity purposes? Yes=21 No=5
9b If yes, should this be something the Natorg does immediately, or in the longer term? Now=13

10a Should the NatOrg own the domain name ( for continuity purposes? Yes=19 No=6
Note: This would require to be redelegated from its current holder (Stella Nova).
10b If yes, should this be something the Natorg does immediately, or in the longer term? Now=8
Note: Question 10 is purely speculative. There is no suggestion that the Natorg has any rights or requirement to take over the domain name. It is possible that in the future it would be useful for this to happen in the interest of preserving the domain name, if that ever became an issue.

Membership Period

Voting Closed: 2/7/01
Total Responses: 20

1. As regards membership period:

(A) We should start with an AGM to AGM membership period, then change it when it becomes neccessary.

(B) We should start as we mean to go on, and decide a workable membership period now.

A=7 B=13

Natorg Membership

Voting Closed: 29/6/01
Total Responses: 29

1. Is it acceptable for a natcon member to automatically be a member of the natorg? Yes=24 No=4
2. Is it acceptable to have clubs able to join, and thereby have all their members as members of the Natorg? Yes=3 No=26

SFFANZ is a non-profit organisation and registered charity
designed to bring together fans of the fantastic in New Zealand

Contact us by email at: