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Firefight Firefight
by Brandon Sanderson

Supplied for review by Hachette New Zealand

Reviewed By: Simon Litten

Firefight is Brandon Sanderson’s the second novel in the Reckoners sequence and follows on from the tale told in the novel Steelheart (and the novella Mitosis, which is an episode referred to in passing in Firefight).

In Firefight the action quickly shifts from Chicago to New York where to powerful epics, humans with bizarre telekinetic-cum-paranormal powers, control the city. The primary host epic of New York is Regalia, who has power over water and has controlled the water table surrounding the metropolis to drown Manhattan Island to a depth of 30 metres and making a skyscraper Venice emergent from the bubble of sea and river. The other epic is Obliteration, a man who can harvest thermal energy and become a human fireball. But Regalia has a hidden lair and Obliteration can teleport at will so bringing these two epics down will prove more than a little difficult. To make matters worse, David Charleson, the man who slew Steelheart, is distrusted by the New York reckoners and under suspicion of consorting with the enemy by the overall head of the reckoners.

I found Firefight a more satisfying read than Steelheart. The characters were more rounded and the flooded world of Manhattan better envisioned than the steel world of Chicago. In this book the epics are not just targets to kill but characters in their own right making them and the story more interesting. And a hint is given as to how the strange world of epics came about. This is a series that I am enjoying and I look forward to the next volume due in early 2016.

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